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Vi PUK Code Unlock 2023 – Vi SIM Card Default Pin Code

Vi PUK Code

If your sim card gets locked due to any reason and if you are a Vodafone user then you need a code to unlock the sim card Vi PUK CODE you can also use the code to lock your sim permanently in order to save your data from the hackers or any unwanted person.

So let’s talk about what PUK code Vi really is.

What Is Vi PUK Code Unblock Number?

The Vi pin code number is a (personal unlocking key). it simply means an 8-digit code number which you need if you put your pin 3 times wrong for some users 1234 is their default PUK code Vi.

How Do I Find My PUK Code Vi?

Open the dial pad of your mobile and dial 199 its a toll-free number for Vodafone customer care talk to them they will ask you for some of your information like date of birth your name and current address after a short process they will give you your Vodafone PUK number. 

If you have lost your sim even then you can block it easily go to the official website of Vi and Visit the block your sim page and they will tell you the method by which you are going to be able to get your Vi PUK code simply.

Can I Unblock My Sim Without Vi PUK Code Unlock Number?

After putting your password 3 times wrong there is no other way left to unlock your Vi sim card without the Vi PUK code if you have a chance of the pin code then you can try to unlock the sim with the default PUK code which is 1234 and you can also go to the nearest Vodafone center for help to get the solution of the problem.

Can I Get Vi Sim PUK Code From Customer Care?

According to research, you cannot open your Vi sim once it gets locked without 8 digit PUK code in that case you need to dial 199 and follow the IVR instructions to get your Vodafone PUK code also you can Visit your nearest Vodafone center for help.

Can I get Vi PUK Code Unlock By SMS?

According to the information we have to get PUK code unlocked by SMS you have to dial 199 and follow the IVR instructions in order to get your PUK code unlocked by SMS.

Does Company Provide Vi Sim PUK Code On the Application?

NO, Vi company does not provide the option to get your PUK code on the application for that you have to dial 199 and follow the IVR instructions.

How To Unblock Vi SIM Online?

In order to unlock your sim online you can just simply follow the instructions down below:

  • Open the Vi app.
  • Log in with your phone number.
  • Open your profile.
  • Look for the lost and find options.
  • Enter your details there.
  • Get your Vi PUK code.


As a result, we can say the PUK code is a number that is used for Vi sims unlocked, it is an 8 digit pin code that is needed after you put your password 3 times wrong and the sim gets locked you can by Visit your nearest Vi center and you can simply dial 199 and follow the IVR instructions to get your Vi PUK code.

What Is 8 Digit PUK Code In Vi?

00000000 is the Vi sim card default pin code of 8 digits, which is used to unlock the vi sim card.

Can I Use Others PUK Code Vi of Other Users To Unlock My Sim?

No, you cannot even use the other telecom company’s PUK code as Vi pin code in order to unlock the Vi sim card, which gets locked by you after putting the wrong password 3 times.