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Lycamobile PUK Code – Lyca Mobile PUK Code

Lycamobile PUK Code

Lycamobile is a British telecommunication company providing its services in more than 60 countries all around the world. The Lycamobile PUK code is something that the user wants to know when the Lycamobile sim gets locked due to data security reasons, then to unlock the sim all you need is PUK code lyca to unlock the sim and use it again.

In this article we will give you a brief discussion about the lyca sim PUK code, also we will tell you how to get lyca mobile PUK code.

What Is PUK Code Lycamobile?

Lycamobile PUK code refers to an 8-digit or 16-digit code, Which is used to unlock the sim when the sim gets locked. PUK (personal unlocking key) as its definition says a lot about it already, it is a PUK Lycamobile unlocking key to unlock the sim.

How To Get PUK Code Lycamobile?

Simply dial Lycamobile customer care number 020 713 20322 to get your PUK code Lycamobile. The call will connect to the Lycamobile customer care executive after a short verification for security reasons they will provide the lyca PUK code for you.

How To Find PUK Code Lyca?

Simply go to the dial pad of your device and call the Lycamobile helpline number mentioned below in the table. Once the call is connected to the Lycamobile customer care executive simply tell them about your problem they will provide you with a PUK number Lycamobile for your sim.

Country Helpline number detail
Australia1300 854 607
France01 77 72 23 22
Hong Kong377881276
Italy+39 06 45 21 2322
Ireland01 437 2322
Netherland20 754 3030
Portugal265 1  632
Poland729 200 322
Switzerland4177 900 1 22
USA1  845 301 1612
UK020 713 20322

Use the above table to get your Lycamobile PUK code.

How To Get Lycamobile PUK Code UK?

To get PUK code Lycamobile uk simply dial 020 713 20322. It is the Lycamobile Helpline number uk, simply tell them about your problem, and after some short verification, they will give you the PUK code lyca mobile UK.

How To Unblock Lycamobile Number?

Contact the Lycamobile Helpline number and tell them about your problem with Lycamobile PUK. They will give you a Lycamobile sim network unlock pin to unlock your sim.

How To Get PUK Code Lyca Offline?

Simply, check the back side of your sim card for the Lycamobile PUK code, and you will easily get it. It is a 16-digit Lycamobile pin code. If you do not get it here you can use the other methods mentioned in the article.

How To Register Lyca Sim Without PUK Code?

Go to the official website of Lycamobile. Simply fill in the basic requirements like name, date of birth etc to register lyca sim without PUK code. 

How To Get Lycamobile PUK Number Online?

Follow the simple steps to get PUK code Lycamobile online.

  • Go to the official website of Lycamobile.
  • Simply log in here with your phone number.
  • From here go to the profile section and then the help section.
  • Here find the option to get the Lycamobile pin code.
  • Here they will ask you some questions for security reasons and answer them.
  • After the verification process is done you will get your PUK code lyca.

How To Get Lycamobile PUK Code Using USSD Code?

As of now, there is no USSD code to get the PUK code Lycamobile. But you can call on the helpline number of the company to get avail with your Lyca PUK code to unlock your sim card network.

Can I Get Lyca Mobile PUK Code From Another Device?

Yes, to get your PUK code Lyca Mobile you can simply contact one of the Lyca customer services. Just get connected to the help center and tell them to avail your unique Lyca Mobile PUK code.

Is There A Way To Get PUK Code Lycamobile Through IVR?

Yes, dial 020 713 20322 and follow the simple IVR instructions here go to the option Lycamobile PUK code lost to get the PUK number Lycamobile.

Is Lycamobile SIM PIN And PUK Code The Same?

No, the sim pin and PUK code are different things. The user uses a PUK code to unlock the sim on the other hand user uses a sim pin to reset the PUK code.

What is PUK code lyca?

The PUK code is different for every user to know your Lycamobile PUK code dial 198 and select the option my PUK code to know about your PUK code.

How Can I Unlock My SIM Using PUK Code Lycamobile?

Simply, unlock your devices here it will ask you for PUK code to enter. Simply enter the code printed on the back side of the sim card pack and your sim card will get unlocked.

How Do I Find My PUK Code For My LYCA SIM Card?

the PUK code for the lyca sim card can be easily found on the back side of the sim card and on the sim cover.