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Maxis PUK Code 2023 – The Default Maxis Sim Card

Maxis PUK Code

We are all well known already about Maxis it’s a well-known company that offers E-sim services. If you are facing a problem Maxis is locked and required a valid Maxis PUK code 2023 to unblock it. Then after reading this article blog, you will gonna be able to solve this problem we will provide you Maxis Default SIM PIN with any other possible unlocking techniques.

with the help of this, you going to be able to solve the problem related to Maxis being locked.

What Does Maxis PUK Code 2023 Means?

PUK code Maxis implies a personal unlocking key of an 8-digit code number. In the situation when you use your Maxis pin code for the first time, you have to use a code simply dial *100# from your device after that you will be able to use the sim properly and able to change the PUK Maxis settings.

maxis puk code

What Happens If I Enter Maxis PUK Code Wrong?

If you enter the PUK code for Maxis wrong more than 3 times. Sim gets locked for some security reasons. A sim card that gets locked after putting in the wrong Maxis pin code number more than 3 times cannot be unlocked. it cannot be used any longer it’s better to replace it. In that situation, you should contact to Maxis customer care at 00 60 3-7492 2123.

How To Get PUK Code Maxis Online?

There is not any method available with the help that you can get your PUK code online. You can call on 123 in order to contact Maxis help support center. You can also use the *100# number to find your Maxis sim pin.

If you are facing the problem of low Internet speed then you should use Maxis APN Settings In order to increase your Internet speed using the Internet setup will help you to increase the Internet speed by 100%, and you will be able to get the turbo boost Internet speed for your Android and IOS devices.

How Can I Get My Maxis PUK Code?

Simply dial *100# from your Maxis sim cards in order to find your PUK code for Maxis. This Maxis code makes it simple to unlock your Maxis SIM card. To obtain your sim card PUK code, you may need to contact with their customer service.

How To Retrieve PUK Code For Maxis?

To retrieve Maxis PUK code number you should have to call on 123. This is Maxis’ customer help support center number. Simply talk to them they we ask you some questions related to you for some verification process. After the verification process is done they will give you a proper solution in order to retrieve PUK code Maxis.

How Can I Change My Maxis Default Sim Pin?

Below are some steps that have been mentioned in order to change Maxis default sim pin:

  • Launch the dialer on your phone.
  • Simply go to the dial pad of your mobile and dial *100#. 
  • Select Maxis PUK number.
  • Go to Establish and know your PUK Maxis code.
maxis puk code

Why Need Maxis PUK Code?

When consumers insert their sim card into their new phone, they must enter a unique pin to verify identification.

However, customers frequently forget their pin, which may cause trouble for the user to unblock SIM cards.

Maxis PUK code consists of an eight-digit number that Maxis customers must enter in order to unlock their SIM cards. In the situation when you forget your pin code and want to use Maxis sim on another device you need that code to use the Maxis sim, after putting maxis sim card default pin code you can use maxis services.

How To Activate Maxis Sim Card?

  • Call on 1-800-822-000 the call will connect to maxis customer care, ask them about the process of activating a maxis sim card they will tell you each and every piece of information regarding this topic.
  • Go can go to the maxis stores, after getting the valid documents they will activate your maxis sim card for you.
  • You can also go to the official website of maxis, and fill out the form in order to activate the maxis sim card. 

You can use any method provided down above in the article to activate the maxis sim card.

Maxis Default PIN & its PUK Code Are The Same Things Or Not?

Yes Maxis Default PIN & its PUK Code are the same things. When users forget their sim lock code, they generally need to put in the Maxis sim card pin code. You can also use Maxis default pin code to reset your Maxis PUK code in the situation when you have forgotten your sim pin Maxis.

Where Do I Find My PUK Code Maxis?

  • You can easily find the PUK Code of Maxis on the SIM card box.
  • You may be able to find the PUK code of Maxis on the plastic card that contains the SIM.
  • PUK sim comes with a little package there is also a place where you can find your PUK code.

What Can I Do If I Do Not Have A PUK Code Maxis?

You need to enter the PUK code for your Maxis sim card. This process is needed to unlock your sim card only after that you can use Maxis services. We have mentioned the Maxis PUK code above in the article.

What Is Maxis Sim Card Default Pin Code?

0123 is the Maxis sim card’s default pin code. You can use the code in the situation when your maxis sim card is locked.

How To Unlock Maxis Sim Card?

You can use the above-mentioned PUK code maxis and maxis pin code to unlock the maxis sim card.

How To Unlock PUK Number Maxis?

Simply use the above-mentioned Maxis PUK Code to unblock your SIM card and start using your Maxis SIM again. 

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