Univision APN Settings For Android & iOS Devices

Univision network provides its services in America, Univision is owned by Televisa Univision. Univision was established on 30 September 1962. Univision usually provides Spanish content on its network. Univision also offers telecom services if you are an Univision user then you have to use Univision APN settings to increase internet speed.

In this article, we will tell you about different Univision APN configurations, Univision 5g APN settings, and Univision APN hack in order to get fast internet speed.

What Are The Best Univision APN Settings 2023?

Univision internet settings

APN multibrand

Use the above-mentioned Univision APN setup to get fast internet services. 

Univision APN Settings For Android 2023

Univision APN Settings AndroidValue
Authentication TypeEmpty 
APN TypeDefault 
APN protocolIPv4 / IPv6
APN roaming protocolIPv4 / IPv6
BearerNot specified

Use the above-mentioned UnivisionAPN settings for android to get turbo boost internet. Using the above Univision APN setup will increase your internet speed by 100% present.

How To Change Univision Internet Settings On Android Devices?

Apply the simple steps provided down below to change Univision APN settings android:

  • Simply go to the settings option on your android devices.
  • Here go to the option Univision sim card section.
  • Go to the APN option here and click on add new apn.
  • Simply copy and paste the Univision 5g APN settings for android devices.
  • Restart to save your settings.

These are the simple steps simpy use the steps and above setup of Univision internet settings to get turbo-fast internet.

UnivisionAPN Settings For iOS 2023

Univision APN settings iphone are as follows:

Univision APN Settings iOSValue 
NameUnivision ios
MMS message size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLhttp://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

Use the above-mentioned Univision APN configuration to get fast-speed internet.

How To Change Univision Internet Settings On IOS Devices?

  • Connect your devices to a wifi network and turn off your mobile data.
  • Simply visit www.unlockit. co. nz.
  • Here select univision.
  • Here press the add new APN button.
  • Simply copy the above setup and paste it here.

Use the above provided simple steps of Univision APN settings iPhone to get super fast internet speed.

Univision APN settings for windows

Univision internet settings

Connection NameUnivision Mobile
Username Empty 
Password Empty 
Port Blank 
Network TypeIPv4
Authentication TypeEmpty 

Univision mms APN settings

Details Value
MMS APNUnivision Mobile internet / mms
Username Empty 
Password Empty 
Proxy Port Empty 
Network type IPv4
Authentication TypeEmpty 

Use the above setup of Univision APN settings windows to get fast-speed internet.

Is There Any Univision 5G APN Settings?

No, there are not any Univision 5g APN settings available, but you can you the above provided Univision APN settings to get fast internet speed.

What If Univision Internet Settings Don’t Work?

Contact to Univision customer support team on 66929307, if Univision internet settings do not get work properly. 

Who Can Use These Internet Settings Of Univision?

Every user of Univision can use the internet settings of Univision to get turbo boost speed internet.

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