Hutch PUK Code – Unlock Your Hutch SIM Using Default Code

Hutch Telecom is a well-known mobile telecommunications service provider in Sri Lanka that provides users with 4G, 3G, and 2G network services. The company is performing very well, but sometimes the users face the situation of their SIM card being PUK locked, and due to that, they face the situation of not being able to use the Hutch network services anymore and feel frustrated. Are you also a Hutch network user and facing the same problem then do not worry about it, we will give you the latest Hutch PUK Code with the help of this code you will be able to unlock your SIM card and use the network services once again. Also, we will tell you the secret professional methods to get the Hutch SIM network unlock PIN after using these methods you will be able to get the personal unlocking key for your SIM card number. 

What Does Hutch PUK Code Mean?

PUK code Hutch refers to a Hutch SIM card 8 digit unlock code used to unlock the SIM card when the SIM card gets PUK locked due to entering the wrong Hutch PIN code more than three times in a row.

What Is The Hutch PUK Code?

0123, 9999, and 1234 are the Hutch SIM PUK codes and *123# is the Ultimate Hutch USSD code used to get the SIM PUK code for the Hutch network. 

How To Get PUK Code Hutch From The Customer Care Method?

To retrieve the Hutch default SIM PIN using the Hutch customer care number 24 hours simply follow these steps:

  • Prepare Your SIM Information: Start by locating your SIM card and note down the 19 to 20-digit unique SIM card number usually printed on the SIM card.
  • Contact Hutch company hotline number: If you are calling from Hutch’s mobile phone, dial 1788 Hutch Etisalat Customer Care number then select the option to unlock PUK or speak with customer care. dial +94 785 785 785 Hutch arcade contact number If you are calling from a landline, another network, or from another country.
  • Retrieve Your PUK Code: Once connected to customer care, provide them with the necessary identification details after that they will provide you the Hutch SIM network unlock pin.
  • Unlock Your Phone: After getting the Hutch PUK Code carefully note it down and insert the locked SIM card into your device when prompted for the PUK code, carefully enter the personal unblocking key received from customer care and follow the on-screen instructions after that your SIM card will be unlocked for sure.
  • Reset Your PIN: After successfully entering the PUK code you will be prompted to make a new SIM PIN choose a secure PIN and confirm it.

Note: After dialing the customer care number be patient and wait for a few minutes until the call gets connected to the executive person, Kindly talk to them during the process and give the correct answer asked during the security verification.

How To Get PUK Code Hutch Online?

Use the general steps to get the Hutch PUK code online:

  • Visit the Hutch Website: open the browser of your device and go to the official Hutch website.
  • Log into Your Account (if applicable): Now use your Hutch login details, to access your online account.
  • Navigate to PUK Services: Navigate to the section Retrieve PUK” or similar or you can go to the search and search the keyword puk.
  • Provide Necessary Information: Provide your details like your mobile number and possibly some personal details to verify your identity.
  • Retrieve Your PUK Code: After that, your Hutch SIM PUK code will appear on your device screen.
  • Store the PUK Code Securely: Simply note down the PUK code, and store it securely. 

Note: If you encounter difficulties online, you can use the customer care approach method to get the personal unlocking key for your SIM card.

How Can I Get My Hutch PUK Code By USSD Code Method?

Dial *123# Ultimate Hutch USSD code and press the call button, from the menu options select the option to get my PUK number Hutch right after that your personal unlocking key will be displayed on your device screen. Go to this key number on the SIM lock screen after that your SIM card will be unblocked immediately and you will be able to use Hutch Telecommunication services once again as normal.

How To Get The Hutch PUK Number Using The Whatsapp Chat Technique?

+94 78 877 7111 is the Hutch Telecom WhatsApp number, save this number on your mobile device and send a message to them I need my Hutch PUK Code soon the official Hutch team will contact you and provide you the SIM PUK code for your Hutch number.

How Do I Get My Hutch PUK Code By SMS Method?

Here are the steps to get your PUK code Hutch using the SMS method:

  • Find the Hutch SMS Center Number: Hutch has a default SMS center number, which is usually 5555. But the Hutch SMS center number can vary depending on your area.
  • Compose a Message: Open the messaging application on your device and create a new SMS message type “PUK” followed by a space.
  • Send the Message: Now simply send this message to 5555 Hutch’s SMS help center number.
  • Receive the PUK Code: After sending the SMS, you will receive a reply message containing your Hutch PUK Code.
  • Use the PUK Code: Put this code at the PUK lock screen option and after that follow the on-screen instructions and your SIM card will be unlocked for sure.

Is 072 A Hutch Number?

Yes, Hutch provides the services to its users with number 072. The service’s name is the Share Credit Service, which allows you to transfer and receive credit from any Hutch Prepaid number.

What Is Hutch PUK Code For Blocked SIM?

0123, 9999, and 1234 are the Hutch default SIM pins used to unblock the SIM card after that user can use Hutch network services again.

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