Updated And Working Digi PUK Code 2024

If you’re a Digi subscriber seeking answers on unlocking a Digi SIM card or acquiring a Digi PUK code, we’ve got you covered. The Digi SIM card gets locked due to entering the wrong PIN more than three times in a row. After that, you have to enter the correct PUK code Digi to unlock your SIM card. Stay with us and we will tell you the different methods to get the Digi SIM PUK code for your SIM card.

How To Get Digi PUK Number Online?

To get the Digi PUK code online follow these steps.

  • Visit Digi Malaysia’s official website.
  • Here simply click on the “MyOCS” option.
  • Simply log in with your account details.
  • Locate the “Account Management” page.
  • Here, you will find the option for the PUK number Digi.
  • Simply click on that to get your PUK number.

How To Unlock Digi SIM Card Without Calling Customer Care?

To retrieve the Digi PUK code without contacting Digi customer service, you can refer to the Digi SIM card packaging or the holder. There, you’ll find a code printed, which serves as the default PIN for the Digi SIM card. Utilize this code to unlock the Digi SIM card.

How To Get Digi PUK Number Via Digi Customer Care?

To obtain the Digi PUK code through customer care, dial the Digi helpline number at 016-2211800. Inform them that your Digi SIM card has been locked and you do not have the PUK code. They will then proceed to ask you some personal questions for security purposes. Once the verification process is completed, they will provide you with the PUK code to unlock your Digi SIM card.

How To Get Digi PUK Code Via SMS?

No, You cannot get the Digi SIM card default PIN PUK code of Digi via SMS. Digi company does not provide the facility to get the PUK by SMS. But you can use the above methods to get the Digi PUK code Unlocked.

What Is PUK Code Digi?

The Digi PUK code is an eight-digit number provided to users for unlocking their Digi SIM card. Typically included with the SIM pack from the company, the PUK code serves as a personal unlocking key. It becomes necessary when the Digi SIM card becomes locked after entering the wrong Digi SIM PIN code more than three consecutive times.

Can I Get A Digi PUK Code From Another Device?

Yes, by dialing the Digi helpline number 016-2211800. you can get a Digi PUK number easily just call the Digi customer care number and verify yourself tell them you want to get the puk code for another number and they will ask you a few questions to verify yourself after that they will give you the Digi SIM card default pin.

How To Bypass PUK Code Digi?

No, you cannot bypass the PUK security option without the Digi PUK number, the PUK code arrives to protect your privacy it is a very complicated lock system that cannot be opened in any condition without the PUK code.

Does Digi Charge Any Fees For Providing The PUK Code?

No, Digi Telecom does not charge any fees from their customers for providing the PUK code Digi it is a free service and there will be no charge debited from your account by Digi Communications for using it.

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