MTN PUK Code 2023 – Know About Your 16 Digit MTN PUK Number

MTN is one of the biggest network operators in Africa and Nigeria. The company has been providing its services for so long to benefit its users. But sometimes MTN users lock their sim when inserting their sim into a new device, and all they want is an MTN PUK code to unlock their sim. So in this article, we will provide you with various ways to unlock MTN SIM cards in less time without requesting a new PUK code.

What Is My MTN PUK Code?

0000 and 1234 are the default MTN SIM PINs used to unlock the SIM card, you can also 1237*3# or *123# MTN USSD codes to get the personal unlocking key for your sim card.

PUK CODE MTN 0000 and 1234
MTN Network Unlock Code*135#
Alternative customer care number180
MTN customer care number135
MTN USSD codes1237*3# and *123#

How Do I Get My MTN PUK Number?

To get the PUK code MTN, just dial 135 from your mobile and press the call button. It will connect you to one of the MTN agents to get your MTN PUK code. You can also call from another phone number if you want to get the MTN PUK number for another phone. You will have to provide some document verifications to the agent if you get your MTN PUK number from another phone.

Can I Get My MTN PUK Number From The Self-Service?

Dial *123*7*3# or *123# and choose the option USSD code for the MTN PUK number. Simply wait here for a few minutes, and after that, your PUK code will arrive on your device screen. Use this code to unlock your MTN SIM card and use its services again.

How To Get PUK Number On MTN Without Calling Customer Service?

Call the USSD code *123*7*3# and provide the details asked by the IVR for this process. To get the MTN PUK number, you may have to provide details such as:

  • Your Mother’s maiden Name
  • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Frequently Dialled Number 1
  • Frequently Dialled Number 2
  • The last Recharge Amount

By any chance, if you are unable to answer these security questions for the MTN PUK code, you can call number 180 for further steps.

Can I Get MTN PUK Number For Another Phone?

Yes, you can get an MTN SIM lock code for another number as well. Simply call 135 from your number and provide your locked phone details to the agent to get its PUK code. You may be asked for some personal details for the verification process in order to provide you with an MTN PUK number for another phone.

How To Get Your MTN PUK Number From Another Phone?

It may be hard to get your PUK code MTN, from another phone. But you can give it a try by asking for your MTN sim lock code with one of the MTN agents. To connect with an MTN agent, call 135 and ask him to provide your MTN PUK code to unlock your SIM card.

What Is MTN Network Unlock Code?

The MTN network unlock code is *135# which you have to dial to unlock your MTN network. After dialing this USSD code you may need to follow a few steps to connect with MTN customer care service. Then just tell the MTN agent to provide your MTN PUK number to unlock your sim lock.

How To Get My MTN PUK Code Online?

Follow the simple steps to get your MTN PUK number online.

  • Open your device browser and visit the official site of MTN.
  • A login page will arrive here, simply log in here with your mobile number.
  • Go to my profile section here.
  • Now go to the help section from here.
  • Search for the option on how to get the MTN PUK number.
  • Here some questions will arrive for security reasons and answer them all.
  • After the successful verification process, you will receive your MTN PUK code in a few minutes via SMS.

How Can I Get MTN PUK Number Through Customer Care?

Follow the simple steps provided below to get the PUK number for MTN.

  • Dial a simple code 135 customer care number of MTN from your device.
  • After dialing the code IVR service will start automatically.
  • Here, choose the option for the SIM lock code for MTN.
  • The customer care executive will ask some questions about you for security reasons and answer them all.
  • After successful verification, they will provide you with the MTN PUK number USSD code.

Are MTN Sim Pin And PUK Code The same?

No, the MTN SIM pin and PUK number are not the same. The MTN SIM lock code gets used to use your SIM on a new device. But after entering your MTN SIM pin incorrectly three times it will ask you to use your MTN PUK code to unlock your SIM number. You can get this PUK code for MTN by calling customer care or using the USSD code *135#.

How To Get PUK Code By SMS On MTN?

Go to the SMS option on your devices. After that, simply click on the Create an SMS button, type PUK, and send it to the MTN customer support number. You will receive your MTN PUK within a few minutes.

How Do I Set Up A PIN Code For My MTN SIM card?

Go to the settings and choose the option of a PUK code. Here, simply click on the PUK code for MTN and choose the option to change the PUK number. Here, dial the PUK code you already have, and in the other section, dial the PUK number you want. Now, again, dial the PUK number just for confirmation and press the save button. Your MTN PUK unlock code has changed successfully.

What Is MTN PUK Number?

The MTN Puk number is an 8-digit code provided by the MTN company to unlock users’ SIM cards if they fail to enter their MTN SIM pin correctly.

Can I Get A PUK Code For MTN Without Calling Customer Care?

Yes, by using the USSD code *135#5# you can get your MTN PUK code and unlock your sim card instantly.

Can I Use MTN USSD Codes While Roaming Internationally?

Yes, you can use the MTN PUK number provided by us while roaming internationally, there will be no amount debited from your account for using the ussd code you can contact MTN help support by dialing 011 912 3000 number for more details.

What Should I Do If The PUK Code Provided Does Not Work?

If the PUK code doesn’t work, then it is recommended by our team of experts to simply go to your nearest MTN center with some valid documents. After the successful verification, they will provide you with the MTN PUK code unlock.

Will I Lose My Data If I Enter The PUK Code Incorrectly?

If you enter the wrong MTN PUK code again and again, then your SIM card can get permanently locked, and you will lose all your data as a result.

Can I Request My PUK Number For MTN Without Internet Access?

Yes, you can request your MTN PUK number without internet access. You just have to dial the USSD code and choose the option Get PUK Number, and you will get your PUK code in just a few seconds.

Are MTN USSD Codes Free Of Charge?

Yes, definitely, it is a totally free service, and you will not have to pay for that; there will be no amount deducted from your account after using the PUK number for MTN.

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