Jio PUK Code – Updated 2023 PUK Code Jio 8 Digit

In the world, Jio have a huge operator base of over 426.2 million and in India, they have more than 10 million users. But sometimes users get stuck when they lock their sim card mistakenly. So, if you are one of them then let’s know about the Jio PUK Code or you can say (PUK) personal unlock the key.

Like its name sounds its a key it is a key of 4 to 8 digits that locks or unlocks your Jio sim card access to prohibit unauthorized access to your Jio SIM card

What Is The Use Of PUK Code Jio?

It is a 4 to 8-digit code whose main work is to lock or unlock the sim of a Jio user.

At the time of unlocking your sim card if you enter the wrong code more than 3 times then you may require a Jio PUK code.

In the case of loss of the sim or you want to lock your sim permanently you need a Jio sim PUK code which we will mention below here.

What Is The Default Jio Number PUK Code?

The Jio default sim pin is identical for all users and it is 0000 or 1234. You can also apply Jio PUK code 8 digit which is 00000000 if the above-mentioned PUK code Jio does not work on your mobile.

By using the PUK code Jio you can unlock your Jio sim card in the fastest way possible. So we will also suggest you go with this PUK code Jio if you want to unlock the Jio sim easily.

Steps To Get Your Jio PUK Code Online

Down below there are a few steps that will help you to get your Jio sim PUK code number;

  • Open your browser and type the official website of Jio, 
  • Here Search for “self-care lost login” and some options will appear for you.
  • From these options, select “PUK code” and it will take you to the login page.
  • Here log in with your Jio number and complete the future instructions in order to get your PUK code Jio number.

These steps are very simple and will be able to provide you Jio PUK Code Online quickly.

What Is The 8 Digit PUK Code?

00000000, is the 8 digit PUK code for Jio. Use this maxis pin to unlock your Jio sim services.

How To Get Your Jio PUK Code Using My Jio App?

  • Open my Jio app on your device. (if you don’t have this app you can simply download it from the google play store or App store.)
  • Log in with your SIM and go to the navigation menu.
  • Now click on the help option and search PUK in the search bar 
  • Now, it will give you a link.
  • Click on that link to visit the lost Jio sim page.
  • There, log in with your phone number and follow the future instructions to get your Jio PUK sim code.

Use the simple steps to get the Jio pin code using my Jio app.

How To Get Your Jio PUK Code Offline?

To get the PUK code Jio offline you can follow the steps down below

  • Open your phone dialer and dial 18008899999.
  • Open the IVR and get connected.
  • Follow the instructions in order to contact the Jio customer care executive.
  • Now ask the Jio executive about your Jio PUK code they will ask you for some details about yourself.
  • After a simple verification, they will send you your Jio default sim pin.

How To Get Jio PUK Code Through SMS?

To get the Jio PUK code dial *121#. After dialing the number just follow the correct instructions to get your Jio sim pin code. However, if you don’t get your PUK code for Jio via SMS you can also use the default Jio PUK number.

Is It Worth Using Jio PUK Code Number?

Jio PUK code number can unblock the sim in the situation if it gets locked for any reason. On the other hand, you can also lock the sim permanently in the situation you lost it. So using the PUK code for Jio is worth it if you want to secure your sim number from others.

Which Is Better To Use Jio PUK Code 8 Digit Or 4 Digit?

Using 8 digit or 4 digit sim PUK code Jio is the same thing and you can unlock the Jio number with both of them.

How Do I Get My PUK Code For My Jio?

Using the toll-free number 1800 889 9999 you can easily get your PUK code for Jio sim. You can also try to contact Jio customer care to get your Jio sim pin code.

What Is Jio Sim Card Default Pin Code?

0000 and 1234 both are the Jio default sim pin, you can also use the 00000000 as the Jio default PUK code. Use all Jio PUK code numbers to unlock your sim card.

How Do I Get The PUK Code For My Jio?

Dial *121# And a pop msg will arrive here click on get your Jio PUK code. After sometimes Jio company will send you the PUK code Jio via sms.

How To Unlock Jio Sim Card?

You can use the Jio PUK code, if the PUK code Jio does not get worked use the different method provided by our team mentioned above in the article. 

What Is Jio PUK Code Customer Care Number?

18008899999, is the Jio customer care number call the number it will connect to the Jio customer care number and they will provide you the Jio PUK code. We have provided regarding the information above in the article.

Is PUK Code Jio And Jio SIM PIN Code The Same Thing?

Yes using the Jio PUK code and Jio pin code, you will get the same results because they both are the same.

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