Lycamobile APN Settings 2023 For USA

If you are a Lycamobile user facing the problem of Lycamobile APN data not working then you must use the Lycamobile APN settings 2023 to increase your internet speed. Changing the old setup with the new Lycamobile APN setup will solve your problem of slow-speed internet.

Lycamobile APN 5g internet settings will help you to get the turbo boost internet speed. We will also provide you different Lycamobile APN configuration and Lycamobile APN hack to solve each and every problem related to the Lycamobile internet settings.

What Are Lycamobile APN Settings 2023?

Use the Lycamobile APN setup provided down below in the article:

Details Lycamobile internet settings
NAMELycamobile 1

Lycamobile APN Settings For Android 2023

Use the below-given setup of Lycamobile APN settings android to get super-speed internet.

Lycamobile Android APN SettingsLycamobile MMS settings android Details 
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4
BearerNot specified

Alternative Lycamobile APN configuration

Lycamobile internet settingsLycamobile MMS settings android details
APN NameLycamobile
ProxyLeave blank 
PortLeave blank 
Username Empty 
Password Empty 
ServerNot specified 
MMS ProxyEmpty 
MCCLeave blank 
MNCNot set 
Authentication TypeNot specified 
APN Typedefault,mms
APN ProtocolIPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv6
MVNO TypeNot set 
MVNO TypeNot set 

You can use any Lycamobile 5g APN settings to get super-speed internet on your android devices.

How To Change Lycamobile APN Settings For Android Devices?

To change the Lycamobile APN settings for android devices follow the simple steps provided down below in the article:

  • Go to the settings on your android devices.
  • From here go to the network and sim card option.
  • Simply click on the Lycamobile sim card.
  • Now go to the option Lycamobile APN.
  • Here click on add new APN.
  • Simply copy and paste the above setup of Lycamobile APN settings android.
  • Simply restart your android device in order to save the Lycamobile 5G APN settings.

Lycamobile APN Settings For iPhone devices

Use the below-mentioned Lycamobile APN settings iphone to get turbo-speed internet:

Lycamobile iPhone APN SettingsLycamobile MMS APN Settings Details
MMS Max Message Size1048576

You can use the Lycamobile 5g APN settings in order to get turbo boost speed internet on your iphone devices.

How To Change Lycamobile APN Settings For iphone Devices?

  • Go to the settings option on your IOS device.
  • Click on the cellular option here.
  • Go to the Lycamobile sim card option.
  • Now go to the Lycamobile APN settings option.
  • Here simply copy and paste the above provided Lycamobile internet settings for ios.
  • Simply restart your device to save and use the Lycamobile APN setup.

In order to change the Lycamobile APN settings for iphone follow the above-provided steps:

Lycamobile APN Settings Samsung Setup

The Lycamobile APN setup for Samsung devices is mentioned below:

Details Value
Proxy Enabled/Disabledproxy disabled 
Data BearerPacket Data/GPRS
Access Point
Authentication TypeSimple/Normal 

Simply use the above Lycamobile APN configuration for Samsung devices to get fast internet.

How Can I Set Up Lycamobile APN Settings UK?

The Lycamobile APN settings UK is mentioned below:

STEPS: settings> cellular network> APN> add APN> simply copy and paste the setup> restart device.

Lycamobile UK APN SettingsValue
APN TypeDefault

Use the Lycamobile internet settings UK to get super fast speed internet.

What Is The Best Lycamobile APN Settings? is the best Lycamobile internet APN settings.

Is There Any Lycamobile 5G APN Settings Available?

No, there are not any specific Lycamobile 5g APN settings available. But you can use the above-provided Lycamobile APN hack to get 5g internet speed.

What Is The APN For Lycamobile USA?

Lycamobile APN settings USA is

How Do I Get My Lycamobile Data Code?

Simply dial *137# to check your data minutes left & dial *221# to see how much credit you have.

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