Digi APN Settings – Updated Internet Settings For Malaysian And Italy Users 

Digital Telecommunications is a very famous Telecom service provider In Malaysia. The company is very famous for providing its best telecommunication services. Digi Communications is providing its services to the Malaysian people for more than 20 years.

But sometimes Digi users face the problem of slow Internet speed and if you are also a Digi user and facing the same problem then stay on this page and we will give you the 

Digi APN Settings to solve this issue.

In this article we will also provide you with the best Digi Internet settings along with the Digi APN hack With the help of these setups you will be able to access the 5G Internet speed for your different devices.

What Are The Digi APN Settings For Android Phone Devices?

We have given the setup of Digi APN settings android Below down in the article simply use the setup to get the fast Internet speed for Android devices the setup is based on so much research made by our team experts and it is in working condition. 

Details Value 
NameDigi 4G
MMS Port80
APN ProtocolIpv4
BearerNot specified
APN Typedefault,sulp,mms

Digi Mobil Italy APN Settings

ProxyLeave blank 
PortLeave blank 
UsernameNot set 
PasswordsNot set 
MMS proxyEmpty 
MVNO typeEmpty 
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
MMS portNot specified 
Mobile virtual network operator typeNone
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
MMSCLeave blank 
APN typedefault,supl
BearerNot specified 
Mobile virtual network operator valueEmpty 
APN enable/disableEnabled
Authentication typeNone

Digi Mobil Italy MMS Settings

ProxyNot set 
PortNot set 
APN typemms
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
ServerLeave blank 
Authentication typeEmpty 
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
Mobile virtual network operator valueEmpty 
MMS portdefault
Mobile virtual network operator typeNot set 
BearerNot specified 
MMS proxydefault
APN enable/disableEnabled 
MVNO typeNone

There is a Digi APN hack a person Who is living in Italy can use the Digi APN setting Android Italy and another one is for Malaysian people simply choose the correct one for yourself and use the setup and it will boost your Internet speed by 100%for sure you will get a turbo boost Internet speed by changing the setup. 

In case if you are facing the problem of the SIM card has been locked then you can simply use the DIGI PUK CODE To overcome the situation and open the SIM card

How To Change Digi Internet Settings On Your Android Device?

We have provided the simple steps down in the article by applying those steps you will be able to change the Digi 4g APN setting for Android devices.

Steps: Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Name > Add Access Point

  • Simply go to the settings menu.
  • Now go to the mobile network option.
  • From here go to the access point name menu.
  • Now click on add access point.
  • Copy the above provided Digi APN setup.
  • Now paste it here.
  • At last you need to restart your device to save the settings and use the setup.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended by our team to simply copy and paste the above-provided data while changing the setups instead of writing it manually,  by using the copy And paste method you can avoid silly mistakes like, and alphabetical mistakes which can list to setup is not working problem.

Digi APN Settings

What Are The Digi APN Settings For Iphone Devices?

We have provided the Digi APN setting iphone in the article down below Simply use the settings and it will boost your Internet speed.

Cellular data 

APN Diginet 
Username Empty 
Password Empty 

LTE optional setup

APN Leave blank 
Username Leave blank 
Password Leave blank

MMS Data settings 

Details Value 
APN digits
Username Leave blank 
Password Leave blank 
MMS Max Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLNot set 
MMS proxy203.92.128.160:80

Simply use the Digi mobil APN settings iphone to get the turbo boost Internet speed for the iPhone devices, It is completely safe and free to use the setup for the iPhone devices and there will be no charges deducted from your account at the time of using the setup and You will not gonna face any type of data breach problem while using the setup.

What Are The Steps That Should Be Applied While Changing The Digi APN Settings On Ios Devices?

We have provided the simple steps you can use them to change the Digi mobil APN internet, After changing the setup you will get ultra-fast speed Internet for your iPhone devices.

Steps: Settings> General> Network> Cellular> Cellular Data Network> APN

  • Go to the settings option of your iPhone device.
  • From here move to the general option.
  • Now go to the network option.
  • Now go to the cellular function.
  • Now go to the cellular data option.
  • Here click on the APN button.
  • Copy the data of Digi internet settings provided above.
  • Now simply paste the whole setup.
  • You have successfully changed the Digi APN setup now.
  • Now restart your iPhone.
  • Now you are ready to use the Internet settings.
Digi APN Settings

Digi Mobile Malaysia APN Settings On A Usb Modem Or Wi-Fi Device

Details Value 
Profile name Digi Internet
APN diginet
Username Empty 
Password Empty 
Access number *99#

You can use Digi APN for router To get the Superfast speed for the WiFi network the setup is already tested by our team of experts, All you just have to do is simply change the old setup to the new one provided here and you will feel the boost in the Internet speed for sure.

What Are The Default Digi Internet Settings?

After changing the Digi APN setup If you are not able to increase the Internet speed for the devices then it is recommended to use the default Digi Internet settings.

APN ProtocolIPv4, IPv6
APN Typedefault,sulp,mms

Is It Secure To Use The Digi APN Settings We Provided Earlier?

Yes, It is 100% safe to use the Digi APN setup Provided above in the article there will be no negative impact on your phone after using the settings.

Are There Any 5g Internet Settings Available For Digi?

No, there are not any Digi 5g APN settings The company does not provide this service to their users but you can use the Digi 4g APN setting To increase the Internet speed.

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