Robi Apn Settings 2023 – Updated Internet Settings 

Robi Axiata Limited is a well-known name in Bangladesh, Robi telecommunications have more than 46.9 million users as their customers. Robi Telecommunications is known for its top mobile network services. But sometimes their customers face the problem of slow internet speed.

If you are a Robi user and facing the problem of slow internet speed, so just stay on this article page and we will give you Robi APN Settings to boost your internet speed. Using the new apn settings will give you a turbo boost in internet speed for sure.

We will also provide you Robi internet setting code number along with Robi mobile internet setting to give you a better internet surfing experience. 

Robi Apn Settings For Android Devices

Steps: settings >mobile network >access point name >add new.

Details Value 
ProxyLeave blank 
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4
APN TypeDefault
ServerNot Set
BearerNot specified
MMS ProxyBlank 
Authentication TypeLeave blank 
MMS PortNot specified
APN ProtocolIPv4

Robi MMS Settings for Android devices 

Details Value 
PortNot set 
UsernameLeave blank 
PasswordsLeave blank 
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
Authentication typeEmpty 
APN typemms
MVNO typeNot set 
APN enable/disableAPN enabled
MMS proxyDefault 
Mobile virtual network operator valueEmpty 
BearerNot specified 
Mobile virtual network operator typeNot specified 
MMS portDefault 

Use the above given Robi internet setting for Android to get the super fast speed for Android devices.

How To Change Robi Apn Settings For Android Devices?

Use the simple steps provided down below in the article to change the Robi APN setup to get the fast internet speed for Android devices.

  • Go to the settings menu of your Android devices.
  • Now go to the mobile network option.
  • From here move to the option access point name.
  • Now go to the option of add new APN.
  • Simply copy and paste the above setup.
  • Restart the android device in order to save the internet settings and use them.

Robi Internet Settings For iPhone Devices 

Steps: settings >cellular data option >cellular data >apn

Cellular Network:

APN Internet 
Username Default 
Password Default 

LTE Setup Optional:

APN Empty 
Username Empty 
Password Empty 

MMS Data:

UsernameNot Set
PasswordNot Set
MMS Max Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLNot Set
MMS Proxy10.16.18.77:9028

Use the above setup of Robi APN for iPhone to get fast internet services for ios devices. 

How To Change Robi Apn Settings For Iphone Ios Devices?

Use the steps provides down below In the title to change the Robie mobile Internet settings for the iPhone devices.

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone device.
  • Now go to the cellular data option.
  • From here move to the cellular data section.
  • Now go to the APN section here.
  • Simply copy and paste the above Robi 4g APN settings.
  • Restart your devices to use the turbo boost speed internet for the ios devices.

Robi Apn Settings For Blackberry Devices

Steps: settings >network connection >mobile network option >APN

Robi APN Settings 

Username Leave blank 
Password Leave blank 

Robi MMS Settings

Proxy URL10.16.18.77:9028
Proxy PasswordNot Set
MMSC URLhttp://
Proxy UsernameEmpty 

Use the Robi APN settings Blackberry provided in the article above to get the super speed internet service for Blackberry devices. We have given steps to help you in order to change the Robi APN setup.

How To Upgrade Your Robi 3g Internet To 4g?

Follow the simple steps provided down below in the article to upgrade your Robbie 3G Internet service to Robbie 4G Internet services.

  • Go to the settings of your mobile device.
  • Now go to the mobile and network settings.
  • From here go to the APN option and click on add new APN section.
  • Now enter the new Robi 4G or 5G APN settings.
  • It is recommended to restart your devices before using the APN setup.
  • Restarting your devices will save the internet settings for you automatically. 

What Is Robi 4g Internet Setting Code?

Dial *123*3*1# and follow the simple instructions provided by the system Simply choose the option get APN settings and you will get your Robi 4g APN settings Attach with the new SMS.

Why My Robi Sim Internet Is Not Working?

You have finished all your Internet data and you don’t even have left mobile data in your sim card, or You are not in the range of network coverage area of Robbie SIM card to use its network services.

What Is the Latest Robi Apn Setting Code?

Dial *123*3*1# Robi internet setting code number to get the APN settings after dialing the code simply follow the instructions and click on get APN settings and you will be able to get the settings on your device.

How Do I Make Robi 4g Active?

Dial ussd code *123*44# to make Robi 4G active, you can also use the Robi 4g APN settings provided down above in the article.

Does Changing The Robi Apn Will Increase Internet Speed?

Yes, Changing the Robi APN settings Will increase your Internet speed by 100%you will find a quick boost in Internet speed after using the new setup.

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