Tello APN Settings 2023 – Turbo Boost Internet Setup

Tello is a well-known company and a brand of keepcalling, tello provides its services in the USA (united states of America) since 2002. Tello’s internet speed is already fast but if you want to make the speed of Tello internet super fast then you can use the Tello APN settings to do that.

Just simply change the old setup of Tello internet settings from the new one and you will find 100% of the double speed of your internet.

Tello APN Settings For Android 2023

Use this setup of Tello Android APN settings or Tello APN setup to get fast internet speed:

Username Empty 
Password Empty 
Proxy Empty 
Port Empty 
Server Empty 
MMS ProxyEmpty 
MMS Port8080
Authentication typeEmpty 
APN typedefault,supl
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocolIPv4
APN enable/disableEnable 
BearerNot specified 
Mobile virtual network operatorLeave blank 

Simply change your old setup with this new setup of Tello 5g APN settings and enjoy turbo boost speed.

How Can I Set My Tello APN Settings For Android?

Simply follow the steps to set APN Settings for Tello android:

  • Go towards settings on your android device.
  • Now go to more options.
  • From here go to mobile networks.
  • Now go to the access point name.
  • Click on add button and simply copy and paste the above data from the table.

Tello APN Settings For iPhone 2023

Change the setup of Tello APN iphone to get fast internet speed.

Tello APN SettingsTello APN Details
Password Empty 
MMS Proxy68.28.31.7
MMS Port80
Authentication TypeBlank
APN Typedefault,mms
APN ProtocolEmpty 
APN Roaming ProtocolEmpty 
MVNO TypeEmpty 

How Can I Set My Tello APN Settings For iphone?

Simply follow the steps provided down below in the article to set APN Settings for Tello on your iphone:

  • Simply go to the settings option on your iphone device.
  • Now go to the cellular data option.
  • Now go to the mobile data option.
  • From here go toward mobile data network.
  • Here simply click on add APN copy and paste the above table.

NOTE: simply restart the mobile data if you are facing any problems while using the Tello APN settings iphone and enjoy the turbo boost internet with the help of it.

Tello APN Settings For Windows 2023

Use the Tello APN windows for better internet speed:

Profile name internet/MMS2
APN n.mi.ispsn
Password Empty 
Type of sign-in info Empty 
Ip type IPV4

Simply use the Tello APN configuration for the window to get maximum speed.

Tello APN Settings For Blackberry 2023

Use the Tello APN settings Blackberry to get super-fast internet speed:

APN n.mi.ispsn
Password Empty 
Proxy URL

Use the above Tello APN configuration for blackberry devices to get super-speed internet.

What Is The Tello APN Of LTE?

Tello APN LTE refers to a special gateway connection from your mobile to your data service provider Tello company.

How Can I Reset My Tello SIM APN?

Simple steps to reset Tello sim APN:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • From here go to the backup and reset section.
  • Simply click on this button.
  • The lock system will appear to unlock it with the help of your fingerprint.
  • Press the reset button again.
  • After some time you will get a msg of successfully reset Tello internet settings.

Your Tello sim APN is reset now successfully.

Is Tello APN Settings Able To Provide 5G Internet Speed?

No, the Tello APN setup is not able to provide 5g speed internet. Tello 5g APN settings can only increase the speed of your internet, using the setup will increase your speed 100% for sure.

Does Modifying Your Tello APN Settings Increase Internet Speed?

Yes, changing your current Tello APN setup to the new one will definitely increase the speed. You will gonna find super fast internet speed for sure.

Precaution To Take While Using The Tello APN Settings

If there a problem arrives at the time of using the setup simply check the setup carefully any changes in the setup will lead to the problem. Simply check every data carefully do not change the setup. Check your internet recharge and your valid plan before using the Tello APN. You should be in the Tello data-covering area.

What Are The Tello MMS APN Settings?

Tello MMS APN settings are the same as Tello internet settings Android. You can use the same table/setup of Tello APN settings for android in place of its MMS APN settings.

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