Tune Talk APN Settings 2023 – Updated 4G/5G APN Setup 

Tune Talk is a mobile network operator company. Tune Talk was established in 2007 and in 2008 december Tune Talk sign an MVNO agreement with Celcom Telecommunications.

If you are also a Tune Talk user and searching for the Tune Talk APN Settings in order to boost your internet speed then stay on this page and we will tell you each and every single Tune Talk APN setup for Android and iPhone devices.

We will also tell you about the Tune Talk APN 4g setting and Tune Talk 5g APN with the help of which you will be able to get the turbo best Internet speed for your devices.

Tune Talk APN Settings For Android Devices

Steps: Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point

True Talk APN Settings AndroidDetails 
NameTune Talk
BearerNot specified
MVNO typeNot set 
Enable/disable apnAPN enabled 
MMS proxyEmpty 
MMS portLeave blank 
APN typeDefault set
PasswordNot set
APN protocolIpv4
Authentication TypePAP
APN roaming typeIpv4
MVNO valueLeave blank 
MCCSet default 
ProxyNot set
ServerLeave blank 

Additional setup: 

TuneTalk MMS Settings for Android

Value TuneTalk-MMS
Mobile virtual network operator typeBlank 
UsernameLeave blank 
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
BearerNot specified 
Authentication typeLeave blank 
MVNO typeNot set 
MMS portDefault 
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
PortLeave blank 
APN typemms
ProxyNot set 
APN enable/disableEmpty 
Mobile virtual network operator valueLeave blank 

Use the Tune Talk APN settings for Android to increase the internet speed in your Android devices.

How To Change Tune Talk APN Settings For Android Devices?

Use the simple steps provided down below in the article to change the Tune Talk 4G/5G APN Settings for android devices.

  • Go to the settings of your mobile device.
  • From here go to the mobile networks under the connections menu.
  • Now move towards the access point.
  • Now click on the APN section.
  • Click on add button to add the APN setup.
  • Simply copy and paste the above setup.
  • It is recommended to restart the Android device before using the setup, restarting your Android device will save the APN setup automatically.

Tune Talk 4g Lte APN Settings For Iphone Ios

Steps: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network

Cellular Data:

Name Value
APN Tunetalk 
Username Empty 
Password Empty 

LTE setup optional:

Name LTE APNName APN settings
APN Leave blank 
Username Leave blank 
Password Leave blank 

MMS internet settings:

Tune Talk MMS APN NameTune Talk MMS APN Settings
UsernameNot set 
PasswordNot set 
MMS ProxyLeave blank 
MMS UA Prof URLEmpty 
MMSCLeave blank 
MMS Message Size1048576

Additional setup:

iPhone/iPad APN internet settings 

APN Tunetalk 
Proxy Empty 
Port Leave blank 
Username Not set 
Password Not set 
Server Leave blank 
MMSCNot set 
MMS port Blank 
MMS proxy Empty 
Authentication type Empty 
APN protocol Ipv4/IPv6
APN type Set default 
APN roaming protocol Ipv4/IPv6
Bearer Not specified 
Enable/disable APN Enable 
MVNO valueLeave blank 
MVNO type  Empty 

Use the above given true talk APN iPhone In order to boost your Internet settings for the ios devices using the above setup will increase your Internet settings IPhone for sure.

How To Change Tune Talk APN Settings For Iphone Ios Devices?

use the steps given below in the article to change the Tune Talk APN setup for the ios devices.

  • Simply go to the settings of your ios device.
  • Now go to the cellular data option.
  • From here go to the cellular network option.
  • Simply copy and paste the above provided Tune Talk APN Internet settings.
  • Now restart your device to save the settings and change them.

What Are The Reasons Behind Tune Talk APN Not Working?

There are some reasons given below in the article if Tune Talk internet settings are not working.

  • You have finished all your internet data.
  • You are not in the range of the signal area.
  • The sim card is not properly inserted.
  • Automatic app setup is not working properly then you have to change the setup manually. 
  • If anything of the above is not the problem simply reset the APN setup and use the above setup given above.

How Can I Activate Volte Tunetalk?

Follow the simple steps provided down below to activate the Volt tune talk.

  • Go to the settings of your mobile device.
  • Go to the mobile data menu.
  • Move towards the Voice & Data option.
  • Click on the 4G menu and enable VoLTE services.

What Is Tune Talk Access Point Name?

APN tunetalk

This is the best Tune Talk access point name, providing high-speed internet service. 

Changing The Tune Talk APN Will Increase Internet Speed?

Yes, changing the Tune Talk APN setup will increase the Internet speed by changing them you will find a sudden boost in the Internet speed.

How Do I Activate Data On Tune Talk?

Call 13100 or 03-2771 7000 And tell your problem to tune talk to customer service care. If you are not able to active data they will do it for you. 

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