Airtel USSD Codes – List Of Airtel Important Codes You Must Remember 

If you are an Airtel user and want to know the complete list of the Airtel working USSD codes, then stay on this page and you will get the solution for each and every problem related to the USSD codes, with the help of Airtel USSD codes you will definitely able to solve your many problems by just dialing the correct USSD codes so let move to the main list of USSD code Airtel number.

What Is Airtel USSD Codes?

It simply means to the Airtel USSD codes list with the help of which you can get information about different things about your Airtel number like balance check offer check etc by just dialing the correct USSD code you can access the many functions of your Airtel number The whole table is given down in the article.

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What Is The Complete Airtel USSD Codes List?

We have provided a bunch of Airtel code number list down below.

DetailsAirtel sim number check code
Check Roaming Packs Airtel USSD Code*121*12*3#
Airtel Free Data CodeDial – 5999555 or 52122
Check Airtel Roaming Packs*222#
Airtel Balance Check USSD Code*123#
Airtel Customer Care Number198
Check Data Charges in Airtel*121*7*5#
Airtel Me2U (Airtel Airtime Transfer Code)*432#
Airtel Data Charges Check Code*121*7*5#
Check Airtel Data Offers*121*11#
SMS Charges Details of Airtel*121*7*4#
Airtel Plan Validity Check Code*123#
Check Airtel Unlimited Packs*121*1#
Airtel Self-Care Menu*121#
Check 100 SMS Balance*123*7#
Airtel Rs.10 Credit Talktime Loan USSD Code*141# and Proceed to 1
Airtel Number Check Code*282#
Airtel Incoming Call Block Code*35 *barring code#
Airtel Offer Check Code*121#
Activate International Roaming On AirtelUse My Airtel App or Visit the Official Site
GPRS Settings Airtel CodeSMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Last 5 Call Details*121*7#
Airtel Hello Tune Code*678#
Airtel Unlimited Calling Packs Check Code*121*8*1#
Airtel Upcoming Packs Details Check Code*121*2# and reply with 1
Airtel Talk time Gift Service*141#
Airtel Data Balance Check USSD Code (2G/3G/4G)*121*2#
Airtel APN SettingsSend Message “MO” To 54321
Check Airtel ISD Packs*121*12*3#
Airtel Balance Transfer Code*141#
Start any serviceSMS START to 121
Activate Miss Call Alert Airtel*321*800#
DND Services Activate Code AirtelSMS “START” To 1909
Airtel Caller Tune Deactivate Code121*5#
Airtel Loan Data USSD Code*141*567#
Stop any serviceSMS STOP to 121
Complain Number Of Airtel121
Airtel PUK Code*121*51#
Airtel Talktime Loan Number*141# or *141*10#
Airtel Number Check Code 2023*121*1# OR *121*9# OR *121*2#
Stop Call Forwarding Airtel##61#, ##62#, ##67#, ##21#
Rs254 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(2GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Validity Check Code*123#
Airtel USSD Code GPRS Internet SettingsSMS “MO” To 54321
Rs179 Airtel 2G Net Pack Check Code(1GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Check Balance Code (3G/4G)*121*51# 4
Rs101 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(1GB/2Days) *121*8#3
Airtel Offers Code – Voice Packs*121*10#2
Airtel Airtel USSD Code – Cafe Pack – Rs.5*121*8#3
Rs18 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Code(100MB/2Days) *121*8#2
Airtel USSD Code 100 Local SMS @Rs10 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel Unlimited Calling Pack Code*121*8#1
Airtel Balance Check Code*121*2#
Airtel USSD Code for Flash Services*121*5#
Airtel USSD Code 340 L+N SMS @Rs34 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Rs259 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(1GB/28Days) *121*8#3
Rs125 Airtel 2G Net Pack Details(720MB/18Days) *121*8#2
Rs7 Airtel 2G Data Pack Code(20MB/1Days) *121*8#2
Airtel 75 MB Data Pack 3G/4G/30DaysFor Activate *121*8#1
Rs359 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(2GB/28Days) *121*8#3
USSD Code Airtel Missed Call Allert*888#
Airtel USSD Code Roaming Packs*121*14#
Airtel USSD Code 10 L+N Minute USSD Code*121*12#1
Rs206 Airtel 2G Data Pack USSD Code(1GB 2G + 1 GB Night(12-6AM) /28Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Number Check USSD Code*282#
Airtel Own Number Check Code*121*9#
USSD Code Aitel Roaming Packs*121*12#3
Rs459 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(3GB/28Days) *121*8#3
Airtel Plan Check 2G/3G/4G*121*8#4
Airtel Offer Code USSD – Data Pack*121*10#1
Airtel USSD Code for 3G Service*121*111#
Rs39 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(225MB/5Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Balance and Validity Check Code*123#
Airtel USSD Code for Net Loan*121*8#5
Get Airtel USSD Code By SMSSend SMS “Short Code” to 121
Airtel Hello Tune USSD Code*678#
Airtel USSD Code 50 L+N SMS USSD Code*121*12#1
Rs23 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(130MB/3Days) *121*8#2
Rs149 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(600MB/16Days) *121*8#3
Airtel USSD Number Check Code*282#
Rs198 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(800MB/21Days) *121*8#3
Airtel Last Call Details Check Number*121*7#3
Airtel Data Charged Details Check Code*121*7#5
Airtel Balance Check Number (Data/Internet)Call on 52141
USSD Code Aitel ISD Packs*121*12#3
USSD Code Aitel STD Voice Packs*121*12#3
Airtel Offer Code*121*1#
Rs67 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(270MB/7Days) *121*8#3
Airtel GPRS Internet Data Loan Code*141*567#
Rs10 Airtel 2G Data Pack Details(40MB/1Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Balance Check Number (2G Data)*121*51# 4
Unlimited Airtel Packs Check Code*121*10#
Rs98 Airtel 2G Net Plan Details(550MB/14Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Offer Code – SMS Pack*121*10#3
Rs199 Airtel 2G Data Plan Details(1.25GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Airtel USSD Codes for Recharge Details*121*7#6
Airtel SMS Deduction Checking Code*121*7#4
Rs11 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(45MB/1Days) *121*8#3
Rs24 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(100MB/2Days) *121*8#2
Airtel USSD Code For Rs.29 Data Pack*121*8#2
USSD Codes Airtel Roaming Packs*222#
Airtel Mobile Internet Setting CodeSMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Balance Check Code*123#
Airtel Talktime Loan USSD Code*141#
USSD Code Aitel Unlimited Packs*121*1#
Airtel VAS Services Charged Details*121*7#2
Rs297 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(3.25GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Airtel My Own Number Check Code*282#
Airtel USSD Code 700 L+N SMS @Rs62 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 450 L+N SMS @Rs42 SMS Pack*121*12#2
USSD Code Aitel Local+STD Voice Packs*121*12#3
Rs27 3G/4G Airtel Data Pack USSD Code(70MB/30Days) *121*8#3
Rs59 Airtel 2G Net Pack Check Number(340MB/8Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Offers Code (Data Details 2G/3G/4G)*121*11#
Airtel Data Loan USSD Code (2G)*141*567#
Airtel Internet Loan USSD Code (3G/4G)*141*567#
Airtel USSD Code 1000 L+N SMS @Rs88 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Rs44 3G/4G Airtel Data Pack USSD Code(110MB/28Days) *121*8#3
Rs17 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(65MB/1Days) *121*8#3
Airtel USSD Code Rs.7- 20MB USSD Code*121*12#1
Share Airtel Internet Data Balance*129*101#
Airtel Self Care Menu Code*121#
START Airtel VAS Service (Airtel USSD Code)SMS “START” to 121
Airtel Internet Loan USSD Codes*121*8#2
Airtel Talktime Loan USSD CodeCall to 52141
Activate Airtel DND Service NumberSMS “START” to 1909
Rs9 Airtel 2G Data Plan Details(50MB/1Days) *121*8#2
Airtel Advance Talktime Loan Code*121*7#7
Rs49 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(200MB/5Days) *121*8#3
Airtel Voice Packs USSD Codes*121*8#5
Rs99 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(400MB/11Days) *121*8#3

Do you want to check the last 5 call details of your Airtel number simply use the Airtel Last 5 Call Details Number USSD Code for this purpose with the help of the USSD code you can get the history of the last 5 months call details of your Airtel number.

Airtel USSD Codes

Additional Airtel USSD Number

Airtel Loan Number*141*10# or 52141
Missed Call Alert*888#
Local National SMS Packs*777#
Check for Free 2G Data Balance*123*10# or *123*#
Start any serviceSMS START to 121
Stop any serviceSMS STOP to 121
Check for Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance*123*1#
Airtel Balance Check*123#
Airtel 3g activation USSD codeSMS 3G to 121
Check for Local SMS Balance*123*2# or *555#
Airtel Value Added Services*121*4#
Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day ]*325#
Airtel Special Offers and Rewards*566#
Check for Free Local, STD SMS Balance*123*7#
To Check Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services.*121*7#
Special 5 Offers*222#
Airtel Night Data Balance*123*197#
Check for Free STD Minutes Balance*123*8#
My Airtel, My Offer*121#
Check for Airtel 4G Balance*121*8#
Twitter Service*515#
Mobile number portabilitySMS PORT to 1909
Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance*123*6#
Airtel Talk time Gift Service [Share or Ask Talk time ]*141#
Airtel loan code*141*10#
Airtel Live Services*321#
Hello Tunes Menu*678#
Check for 3G Data Balance*123*11#
Know Your own Airtel number*282#

Premium Airtel Code Number List

Plan Validity Check Code*123#
Postpaid Current Plan Usage CheckSMS “”UNB”” To 121
4G Data Balance Check Code*121*2# & Reply With ”1”
Postpaid Due/Pending Amount CheckSMS “”OT”” To 121
Airtel Customer Care Number198
Postpaid Current Bill Plan CheckSMS “”BP”” To 121
Complain Number121
Check Airtel Unlimited Packs*121*1#
Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment CheckSMS “”PMT”” To 121
Data Charges Check Code*121*7*5#
Offers Check Code*121#
Number Check USSD Code*282#

What Is The Airtel Postpaid USSD Codes List?

DetailsAirtel Postpaid USSD Code list 
Airtel Postpaid Current Bill Plan CheckSMS “BP” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Due/Pending Amount CheckSMS “OT” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Current Plan Usage CheckSMS “UNB” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment CheckSMS “PMT” To 121
Airtel USSD Codes

What Is The Process To Get The All Airtel USSD Code?

Dial 121 or 198 and follow the introductions provided by the IVR After that you will be able to access all the information like mobile number, balance, data balance, loan and balance etc. You can also check the above table of Airtel USSD codes to get the needed USSD code for your Airtel card number.

Stuck in a situation in which your Airtel SIM card is locked due to entering the wrong PUK Code Then simply you Airtel PUK Code to instantly unblock your Airtel SIM card After that you will be able to use Airtel network services again

How To Use Airtel USSD Codes? 

Follow the steps to use the Airtel USSD codes for my number.

  • Navigate to the dial pad of your mobile.
  • Choose the suitable Airtel code number.
  • Dial the code.
  • Here wait for the processing.
  • After that result will appear on your screen within a few seconds.

Why I Need The Airtel USSD Codes?

Airtel USSD codes can be used for many things checking available data balance, checking validity, knowing your phone number, knowing the special offers, and much more. The Airtel USSD codes list is given How about in the article simply check the table and choose the Suitable USSD code for yourself to solve your issues.

How Can I Know The Best Airtel Offers?

Dial:*121*1#  USSD code to check the best Airtel offer for your number.

How Can I Check The Airtel Validity?

Dial:*123# Airtel code number to check the Airtel validity.

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