Vidéotron PUK Code – How To Unlock The Vidéotron Telecom SIM Canada

Hi everyone, Are you searching on the internet for the Vidéotron PUK code and still not getting the desired result? Don’t worry, we are here to help you provide the Vidéotron PUK code to unlock your SIM card.

After entering the correct PUK code, your SIM card will be unlocked immediately and you will be able to use the network services again.

We will also tell you the working methods so that you can grab your SIM PUK code Vidéotron easily and overcome the PUK problem.

What Is My Vidéotron PUK Code?

0000, 1234, 00000000, and 12345678 are the Vidéotron SIM PUK codes used to unlock the SIM card instantly. You can also dial the official Vidéotron customer care numbers 611 and 1-877-380-2611 to get your PUK code from the customer representative.

How To Retrieve The Vidéotron PUK Number Using The SIM Card Packaging

If you have the SIM card, cover packaging, or your number, you can also use it to retrieve your PUK code. Locate the SIM card packaging of your number and look at the back side of it. Here you will find a Vidéotron PUK code.

Note it down, as it will be needed to unlock the SIM card. Now insert the puk-locked SIM card into your device and use the unique code obtained from the cover packaging to unlock your SIM card instead of a PUK code and your SIM card will be unlocked instantly.

How Can I Get My Vidéotron PUK Code Using The Customer Care Approach Technique? 

Follow the below-provided steps to get the PUK code Vidéotron for your SIM card using the customer care method:

  • Call From A Vidéotron Mobile: If you are calling from a Vidéotron mobile, then simply dial 611 and press the OK button and your call will be connected to the customer care representative.
  • Call From A Fixed Landline Or Other Network: If you are calling from any other network or a fixed network, then simply dial 1-877-380-2611 customer care number 24×7, and press the call button and your call will be connected to the executive person.
  • Request A PUK Code: Once your call gets connected to the customer care executive, tell them your problem is that your SIM card is locked due to entering the wrong Vidéotron default SIM PIN multiple times and now you need a PUK code from Vidéotron to unlock your SIM card. 
  • Provide Necessary Information: They may ask you a few questions like your account details, phone number, and other relevant information to verify your SIM card ownership. Provide the correct answers to the questions asked by the representative person during the verification process.
  • Note Down the PUK Code: After the verification process is done successfully, the representative will provide you with the Vidéotron PUK unlock code free. Note the PUK code without making any kind of mistake, as it will be needed to unblock the SIM card in the next step. 
  • Enter PUK Code: With the Vidéotron SIM PUK code in hand, insert the locked SIM card into your device and enter the correct PUK code obtained from the customer care executive. 
  • Reset Your Vidéotron default SIM PIN: After entering the correct PUK number, you will be prompted to make a new Vidéotron SIM PIN for your SIM card number. Choose a new PIN that you can easily remember. After making the new personal identification number, your SIM card will be unlocked in a second.
  • Contact Vidéotron Customer Care for Further Assistance: If you encounter any issues or have questions related to your SIM card or PUK code, then simply dial the customer care number again for assistance.

Can I Get My Vidéotron PUK Code Online?

No, Vidéotron Telecom does not provide this service to its customers. To get your PUK code Vidéotron, you can use the customer care or SIM card packing method mentioned above in the article.

What Should I Do If My Vidéotron SIM Card Is Permanently Locked?

The Vidéotron SIM card gets permanently locked due to entering the Vidéotron SIM PIN code more than 10 times in a row. After that, you will not be able to unlock the SIM card in this situation. To use the network services again, go to your nearest Vidéotron center and buy a new SIM card for yourself.

Are There Any Charges Associated With Obtaining A Vidéotron PUK Code?

No, obtaining the Vidéotron PUK number is a free service and if you are obtaining your PUK code using the customer care method, then note that a single penny will be debited from your account.

Can Someone Else Get My Vidéotron PUK Code For Me?

No, to get the PUK code Vidéotron, every person has to pass the verification process; only after that, the representative will provide them with the PUK number Vidéotron to unlock the SIM card.

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