MobileOne PUK Code – Guide To Get Your M1 PUK Code

If you are jumping from one website to another in search of the correct M1 MobileOne PUK code, then stay with us on this article page, and we will tell you the M1 PUK code for sure. After using that number, you will be able to unlock your SIM card. We will also tell you the different methods to get the MobileOne SIM PUK code. In case you don’t have one, you will be able to grab it easily after using that simple method.

What Is My M1 MobileOne PUK Code?

9999 and 99999999 are the MobileOne SIM card 8 digit unlock codes used to unlock the SIM card in a second. You can also get your PUK code from the customer care executive by dialing the official M1 customer care numbers +65 96801627 and 1627.

What Is The Importance Of The M1 MobileOne PUK Code?

The PUK code MobileOne is used to unlock the SIM card that is locked due to entering the wrong M1 MobileOne SIM PIN more than three times in a row. The PUK code option is important because it safeguards your SIM card data from unauthorized access. 

How Can I Get My M1 MobileOne PUK Code Using The Customer Care Approach?

Click on the dialpad of your device and dial +65 96801627 or 1627 the official customer care numbers of MobileOne telecom and press the OK button. Once you get connected to the representative person tell them your SIM card is locked and you don’t have a MobileOne default SIM PIN to regain access. Now answer the simple question asked during the verification process and once the procedure is done the executive person will provide you the SIM PUK code MobileOne.

How To Use The Online Method To Get The MobileOne PUK Code?

Tap on the browser of your device and go to the the official website of M1 Telecommunications. Click on the option of Contact Us and then select the option of LIVE CHAT and click on it, now your chat will be redirected to the support team of the M1 network tell them your problem related to the SIM card and after a quick verification they will provide you with the MobileOne SIM PUK code for your number.

How Can I Get The MobileOne PUK Code From The SIM Card Packaging?

Find the SIM card cover packaging of your number that comes at the time of purchasing the new SIM card, carefully examine it and you will find a MobileOne PUK number on it use it to unlock your SIM card and your SIM card will be unlocked in a second. make sure to keep your unique number a secret and write it accurately without making any kind of mistake It will be needed in the future to unlock the SIM card.

Step-By-Step Guide To Unlock Your MobileOne SIM Card Using The MobileOne SIM PUK Code 

Insert PUK locked SIM card into your device and enter the correct M1 PUK code when prompted after that you will be redirected to make a new PIN code for your SIM card follow the on-screen instructions to make a new personal unlocking number that your SIM card will be unlocked and you will be able to use network services.

What Should I Do If My SIM Is Still Locked After Entering The MobileOne PUK Code?

After entering the correct personal unlocking key number if you are still facing the problem of your SIM card being locked then it is advised that Go to your nearest M1 help center And they will guide you through the process to unlock your SIM card.

Is It Possible To Simultaneously Unlock My SIM And Change My MobileOne PUK Code?

Yes, definitely it is possible to change your MobileOne SIM PUK Code and unlock your SIM card. After entering the correct personal and locking key your SIM card will be unlocked immediately but in order to change your M1 PUK number you have to contact the customer care representative and tell them you want to change your PUK code due to security issues and they will guide you through the process.

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