Warid PUK Code – Unlock Locked Warid SIM With PIN/PUK Code & Reset PIN Number 

Warid Telecom, also known as Zain Warid, is a network services provider company located in Albania famous for providing voice, data, and messaging services. The owner of this company is the Abu-Dhabi group and currently, the company has more than 3 million subscribers. 

If you are also a Warid telecom network user and searching for the solution to your SIM card being locked due to entering the wrong Warid SIM PIN, then here is the solution To stay with us, we will provide you with the working Warid PUK code so that you can easily unlock your SIM card. We will also tell you the different methods to grab your PUK code if you don’t have one so without wasting any more time, let’s move on to the main article. 

What Is My Warid PUK Code?

0000, 1234, 7777, and 9999 are the Warid SIM PUK Codes You can use these codes anytime to unlock your SIM card immediately. To unlock your SIM card, you can also use the last four digits of your SIM card number as a personal unlocking key. After that, simply press the confirmation button and follow the on-screen instructions and your SIM card will be unlocked instantly.

Warid PUK Code

What Is Warid SIM PIN Code?

12345678, 00000000, and 999999999 are the Warid default SIM PINs. They are a combination of unique numeric and alphanumeric numbers that are used to verify the owner’s identity. The owner of the SIM card entered the correct personal identification number before accessing any system, phone, or device.

What Is A Warid SIM Card 8 Digit Unlock Code?

Warid PUK code free Is generally an eight-digit unique personal unlocking key used to unlock the SIM card and regain access in order to use the telecommunications services again as usual. 

Secret Warid PUK Code Details

In case you are a Warid user and have forgotten your SIM PIN, you can also use the secret Warid Default PIN Code 0000 to access the unique features of your SIM card. This Warid default SIM PIN is provided by the official telecom website. That’s why it’s totally safe to use this personal identification number and you will not face any type of consequences in the future after using this PIN.

Warid PUK Code

Warid Pin/PUK Code Using The Helpline Method 

If you want to get the Warid PUK number for your SIM card using the customer care approach technique then follow these steps:

  • Click on the dial pad of your device and dial any customer care number: 321, 111 111 321, and 04 400 01 23 After that, press the call button.
  • Once you get connected to the Warid Customer Care representative, tell them your SIM card is locked.
  • Now they will ask you a few questions to verify your identity. 
  • Answer all the questions correctly asked by the representative during the verification process.
  • Once the process is done, the official customer care executive will provide you with the Warid SIM card 8 digit unlock code. 
  • Note down the PUK code provided by customer support. 
  • Enter the right PUK code Warid, and reset your SIM PIN. 
  • After resetting your personal identification number, your SIM card will be unlocked and as a result, you will be able to use the network telecommunication services once again.

How Can I Reset My Warid PIN Number For My Locked Warid SIM Card? 

Follow the simple steps given in the article below to reset your Warid SIM PIN:

  • Tap on the message application on your device and click on the option of creating a new message.
  • Now create a message: PUK NUMBER <CNIC NUMBER>.
  • From any other warid number, send it to 321.
  • Now wait for a few more minutes until your request is processed.
  • Shortly, you will receive a message containing your new Warid SIM PUK code details.
  • Congratulations! Your personal identification number has been changed now. Don’t forget to write it in the same place to protect your safety. 

What Can I Do If My Warid SIM Card Is Locked Permanently? 

Your SIM card will be locked permanently after you enter the wrong personal identification number more than 10 times in a row. After that, your SIM card cannot be unlocked even if you use the correct Warid PUK code. In this case, simply go to your nearest help center and buy a new SIM card for yourself to access the network services again.

Is It Possible To Get Your Warid PUK Code Using Third-Party Applications? 

There are a few software and websites on the Internet that say that with their help, you can get your Warid PUK number. But it is advised by our team of experts to simply not use them because they can harm your SIM card device and you can lose your personal number along with the data.

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