Simyo PUK Code – How Can I Know Your Simyo PIN Number

Simyo Telecommunication is the largest telecom service provider in Europe, with over 41 million subscribers. The company is well known for providing a range of services, including voice, data, and messaging plans, but sometimes Simyo network users face the problem of their SIM card being locked after entering the wrong PIN multiple times. If you are also facing the same problem, then stay with us, and we will tell you the latest Simyo PUK code for your SIM card. Along with that, we will tell you the different methods so that you can get a Simyo SIM PUK number in case you do not have one. 

What Is My Simyo PUK Code?

00000000, 98765432, and 12345678 are the Simyo SIM PUK codes used to unlock the SIM card. You can also use the last 8 digits of your SIM card number as a personal unlocking key to unlock your SIM card instantly. 

What Is The Updated Simyo SIM PIN? 

9999 and 0000 are the Simyo default SIM PINs used to access the special and security functions of the SIM card. 

How To Get The Simyo PIN Through The Website?

Follow the steps mentioned below to get your Simyo PUK code online. 

  • Go to the official Simyo’s web page.
  • Now click on the login button and enter your username and password.
  • Here, you will see the option My Dashboard My dashboard.
  • After tapping on the option, click on the option My PUK code Simyo. 
  • Now wait for a minute and you will be able to see your personal unlocking key on your device screen. 
  • Write down the Simyo SIM card 8 digit unlock code and use it to unlock your SIM card. After that, you will be able to use the telecom services once again. 

How Can I Know The Simyo PIN By The Application?

Use the step-by-step process to get your Simyo PUK code using the application methods:

  • Click on the official Simyo application on your device.
  • In case you don’t have one, simply download it. 
  • Use your official details to successfully log into your account. 
  • Now go to the My Account section.
  • Click on the option for my SIM PUK code Simyo. 
  • Now wait for some time and your personal unlocking key will appear on your device screen. 
  • Note down the key and use it to unlock your SIM card.
  • Follow the on-screen SIM PUK code instructions; after that, once the process is completed, your SIM card will be unlocked immediately.

How To Get The Simyo PUK Code Using The Customer Care Approach Method?

If you want to obtain the Simyo PUK number for your SIM card using the customer care approach techniques, simply follow these steps:

  • Click on the dial pad of the device and dial the customer care number according to your convenience from the below table.
DetailsTelephone Numbers
Telephone for non-customers+34.
Telephone from abroad+34 644 100 121
Customer Telephone+34.
Public Telephone1644
  • After dialing the number, your call will be connected to the official representative. Tell them your SIM card is locked due to entering the wrong PIN multiple times in a row.
  • Now clear the short verification process and after that, the customer representative will tell you the Simyo PUK code for your SIM card number.
  • Write down the PUK code on a piece of paper or remember it.
  • Now that you have the PUK code in hand, use it to unlock your SIM card and follow the on-screen instructions appearing on your device screen. After that, your SIM card will be unlocked completely, and as a result, you will be able to use the telecommunication services.

I Entered The Wrong Simyo PUK Code Too Many Times And My Simyo SIM Is Blocked, What Are My Options?

Unfortunately, if your SIM card is locked due to entering the wrong personal identification number more than 10 times in a row, it cannot be unlocked using the PUK code Simyo. In that case, if you are facing this situation, go to your nearest help center and pay a few fees. After that, they will provide you with a new SIM card so that you can use the telecommunication services once again, as usual.

I Purchased My Simyo SIM Card Second-Hand. How Can I Find Out What The Simyo PUK Code Is?

if you have purchased a second-hand SIM card, you can not use the SIM card packaging method to regain your personal unlocking key. In that case, contact Simyo support and tell them your SIM card is locked due to entering the wrong PIN. After that, clear the verification process, and they will provide you with the Simyo SIM PUK code for your number.

Besides Getting The PUK Code Simyo From Support Team Is There Any Other Way To Obtain It?

No, It is not possible to get your Simyo SIM card 8 digit unlock code without contacting the official customer care executive. If you are thinking of getting your personal unlocking key using the software or any website, then simply don’t do that; otherwise, you can lose your SIM card number along with all the data.

If I Switch To Simyo From Another Carrier, Will My Old Simyo PUK Code Still Work On My New Simyo SIM?

No, if you’re switching your carrier from all over the world to a new one, then your PUK code will not work. In that case, simply contact customer service, and they will guide you through the process to get the personal unlocking code for your SIM card number.

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