Mobile Vikings PUK Code – Retrieve Your PUK Code Mobile Vikings Instantly

Searching for the trick on Google, what is the best way to unlock my Mobile Vikings SIM card? here is the solution: use the updated and working Mobile Vikings PUK Code and press the OK or confirmation button. After that, your SIM card will be unlocked completely and as a result, you will be able to use the telecommunication services once again as usual.

What Is The Mobile Vikings PUK Code?

00000000 and 11111111 are the Mobile Vikings SIM card 8 digit unlock codes. You can use them at any time to unlock your SIM card, and after that, you will be allowed to use all the necessary telecom services. 

What Is The Default PIN For Mobile Vikings?

Mobile Vikings default SIM PIN refers to the personal identification number used by the SIM card user to access the advanced and security features of the SIM card. If you don’t have the PIN for your Mobile Vikings SIM card, you can use 1234 and the last four digits of your SIM card number as a PIN to access the advanced functions.

How To Find Mobile Vikings PUK Code?

Simply find the SIM card packaging of your number that comes at the time of purchasing the new SIM card at the back side of it you will be able to find the PUK Mobile Vikings printed on it.

Write down the personal identification number or remember it and use it to unlock your SIM card and after following the on-screen instructions appearing on your device screen your SIM card will be unlocked in a second.

What Is The PIN Code For Mobile Vikings Sim Card?

1111 and 1234 are the Mobile Vikings SIM PIN case if you want to change your personal locking key then simply you can use this personal identification number. Also if you want to change your pen then simply go to the settings of your device and go to the SIM card menu under that click on change SIM PIN after that your simple will be changed.

How To Get The Mobile Vikings PUK Code Using The Customer Care Method? 

Follow the simple guide to get your PUK code Mobile Vikings through the customer helpline number.

  • Tap on the dial pad of your device. 
  • Dial Mobile Vikings customer care numbers 1976 and +32 4 56 19 19 76. 
  • Now press the call button.
  • Wait for a minute until your call gets connected to the representative.
  • Now tell the representative that you are SIM card is locked and now you need a PUK code Mobile Vikings.
  • After checking their database the customer representative will provide you with the personal unlocking key for your SIM card number.
  • Note down the mobile Vikings SIM PUK code accurately. 
  • With the PUK code in hand insert the locked SIM card into your device.
  • Enter the correct personal unlocking key obtained from the customer representative.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions appearing on your device screen once the procedure is done completely your SIM card will be unlocked. 

What Information Do I Need To Provide To Get My Mobile Vikings PUK Code?

After calling the customer care service number Mobile Vikings you need to clear a short verification process by providing identifying details like your full name, phone number, account holder information, or last security PIN used once the procedure is done successfully the representative will provide you the PUK code Mobile Vikings. 

Why Am I Being Asked For A Mobile Vikings PUK Code On A Different Device?

If you are using your SIM card on a non-verified device, then it can also trigger a PUK code prompt as a security measure. After that, you have to enter the correct PUK code to unlock your SIM card, or you can call the customer care representative, and they will guide you through the process of how to overcome this situation.

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