MetroPCS PUK Code – Unlocking Key For MetroPCS SIM Card

Metro by T-Mobile, formally known as MetroPCS and Metro, is an American wireless telecom service provider company owned by T-Mobile US. The company is well known for its reputation in the telecom industry, but sometimes MetroPCS users face the problem of the PUK lock screen, and due to it, they are stuck in an irritating condition where they are not able to use MetroPCS network service anymore. If you are also a MetroPCS network user and are facing the same problem, then stay on this article page, and we will provide you with the MetroPCS PUK Code to abolish this problem. We will also tell you about the different methods to get your MetroPCS PUK unlock code. If you do not have a PUK key, you can easily use the methods to grab one.

What Is The PUK Code For MetroPCS SIM Card 2023?

0000, 7890, 1234, and 9999 are the MetroPCS default SIM pins, and *#06# is the MetroPCS USSD code used by the users to get the MetroPCS SIM network unlock pin free. You can also dial 800-303-130 or 1-888-863-8768  MetroPCS customer service phone numbers to get your SIM PUK code MetroPCS.

How To Get PUK Code MetroPCS?

Simply use the methods mentioned below to get your MetroPCS PUK number.

  • Utilizing the online method.
  • Using the SMS technique.
  • Using the Customer Care approach.
  • Using the USSD code method.
  • Using the offline approach method.
  • Email method.

How To Get MetroPCS PUK Code Online 2023?

Use the step-by-step process to grab your PUK number MetroPCS using the online method.

  • Go to MetroPCS ‘ official website.
  • Tap on My Account and click on the login button.
  • Now enter your Metro® by T-Mobile Phone number and Account PIN.
  • Press the login button now.
  • Here, search for the option to get a MetroPCS SIM pin.
  • Click on it, and your personal unlocking key will appear on your device’s screen.
  • Not down the key and use it to unlock your MetroPCS PUK SIM card.

If you want to get the turbo boost Internet speed for your MetroPCS sim card then simply use the professional MetroPCS APN settings provided by our team of experts, After using these settings you will definitely get the hundred percent turbo boost Internet speed for sure.

How To Get MetroPCS PUK Code Unlock SIM Card Via SMS

Tap on message applications on your device. Here you will find an option to create a message. Tap on it and create a message PUK (space) 15 Digit SIM Number and send this message to the MetroPCS customer service number 24/7. Soon you will receive a message from MetroPCS officials containing your new MetroPCS pin code.

How Do I Get My MetroPCS PUK Code From Customer Care?

Follow the instructions to get your MetroPCS master unlock code using the customer care approach method.

  • Move toward the dial pad of your device.
  • Here, simply dial 800) 303-130 or the 1-888-863-8768 MetroPCS customer service number.
  • Here, wait until the call gets connected to the MetroPCS customer care executive.
  • After the call is connected, tell them you do not have the personal unlocking key.
  • They will ask a few questions for verification purposes like name, address, DOB, etc.
  • After successful verification, they will provide you with the PUK code for MetroPCS.

Note: If you are talking to the IVR machine, simply select the option to talk to our customer service executives and follow the instructions.

How To Get The MetroPCS PUK Code Using The USSD Code Method?

*#06# is the MetroPCS USSD code, dial this code and press the call button. Now some menu options will appear on your screen. Select the option to get a MetroPCS PUK number by tapping on it. Now wait for a while, and after that, your MetroPCS network unlock code will appear on your device screen. This is your unique MetroPCS PUK unlock code Use it to unlock your SIM card and use its services again.

How To Get MetroPCS PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service or the Offline Approach Method?

To use the offline method and get your MetroPCS default SIM pin, use the MetroPCS SIM card packaging of your number on this cover, and here you will see a MetroPCS SIM card 8 digit unlock code. This is your personal unlocking key that can be used instead of a PUK number to unlock the SIM card.

How To Get MetroPCS PUK Number Using The Email Professional Method?

number@myMetroPCS .com is the official email address of the MetroPCS telecommunication network. Go to your Gmail account and simply tap Compose a new message, and create a message. HELP(PUK)15 Digit SIM Number Add some valid documents to complete the verification process and sent this message to the above-mentioned email address soon you will receive an official email containing your new PUK number MetroPCS.

How To Set Your MetroPCS Default SIM Pin Number?

Follow the steps to change your MetroPCS pin code provided by our team of experts.

  • Go to the settings menu on your device.
  • Navigate to the security settings option.
  • Now go to the SIM Card Lock settings.
  • Here, tap on the Change SIM Pin option.
  • Now Enter the Current PIN and again enter it for confirmation.
  • Tap on the PIN confirmation button to save the pin.
  • Done! Your SIM PUK code MetroPCS has changed now.

How Can I Enter The MetroPCS PUK Code LG And The MetroPCS PUK Code Iphone?

Use the simple steps below to enter your MetroPCS PUK code iphone in the iPhone devices.

  • Go to your device screen where the PUK lock screen has arrived.
  • Now carefully enter your MetroPCS PUK code LG and  MetroPCS PUK code.
  • Press the ok button.
  • Done! Your SIM card will be unlocked for sure.

Note: Do not enter the wrong personal unlocking key more than 10 times, you can lose all your valuable data along with your phone number.

How Can I Find The PUK Code For MetroPCS SIM Card?

Follow the instructions to find your MetroPCS SIM pin.

  • Go to MetroPCS 
  • Tap on the option my account.
  • Click on the menu button and tap on unblock button.
  • Here Enter your phone’s serial number *12345678*.
  • Click “unblock” after entering the PUK code for the MetroPCS SIM card **** (a six-digit number).
  • Now you will receive a message containing your new MetroPCS PUK number.

Why Do I Need MetroPCS PUK Code?

MetroPCS SIM card gets locked due to entering the new SIM password more than 3 times in a row, in this situation to use the MetroPCS services again, you need a PUK code MetroPCS.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PUK Code For MetroPCS SIM Card?

The benefit of using a personal unlocking key is used to protect your privacy in the situation of data hacking and your device has been theft, this is an inbuilt feature that means it cannot be bypassed or disabled without entering the correct MetroPCS PUK number. 

What Is The Major Difference Between The MetroPCS PUK Code And The MetroPCS Pin Code?

PUK code MetroPCS is used to unlock the SIM card on the other hand the MetroPCS default SIM pin is used to reset the personal unlocking key for the MetroPCS SIM card.

What Happened In Case I Entered The MetroPCS PUK Code Incorrectly Several Times?

After entering the wrong PUK code more than 3 times your SIM card will be locked and you will no longer be able to use the Metro services after entering the wrong MetroPCS SIM network unlock pin free 10th times your SIM card will be permanently locked and As a result, you will lose all the valuable data and your phone number too.

How To Find My 8 Digit Pin Number MetroPCS?

Look at the back side of your SIM card packaging here you will find a MetroPCS SIM card 8 digit unlock code.

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