Beeline PUK Code – Premium Code To Unlock Your Beeline SIM Card PUK/PIN 

Your Beeline SIM card will be locked after you enter the wrong PIN (personal identification number) more than three times in a row. After that, you need a Beeline PUK code to unlock your SIM card and use its telecommunication services again. Beeline is a famous company known for providing telecom services in Russia. If you are facing the situation of your SIM card being locked, stay on this article page, and we will tell you the PUK code for Beeline and the different methods to get it.

What Is My PUK Code Beeline?

1234 and 9999 are the Beeline PUK codes You can unlock your SIM card by using them, You can also use the last 4 digits of your SIM card number as your Beeline default SIM pin and your SIM card will be unlocked for sure.

How Can I Get My Beeline PUK Code Using The Customer Care Method?

Follow the steps to get your Beeline PUK unlock code from a customer care executive.

  • Use a Beeline Mobile Phone: Make sure you have a Beeline Mobile device, if you don’t have one borrow it from someone.
  • Dial the Helpline: Tap on the dial pad icon of your device and dial the helpline number based on your location.
For other networks8-800-725-5-725
  • Provide Verification Information: Now provide the information asked by the executive person for the verification in order to complete the process.
  • Wait for a Call: After providing the information you have to wait for at least 1 day, you will receive a call from the customer care team on your registered number.
  • Receive PUK Code: Pick up the call and they will tell you the Beeline SIM PUK code, carefully note it on paper or in a safe place.
  • Enter PUK Code: Now it is time to use the PUK code provided by the representative person, insert the locked SIM card into your device and follow the instructions carefully enter the personal unlocking key when prompted and your SIM card will be unblocked instantly.
  • Set a New PIN: Now set a new Beeline SIM PIN for yourself by following the on-screen instructions. Now your SIM card has been unlocked completely you can use it as usual.

How To Get The Beeline PUK Code By Welcome Mail/SIM Card Packaging Method?

Check the box or welcome mail that you got at the time of purchasing the new SIM card, carefully examine it, and on it, you will find a Beeline SIM card 8 digit unlock code you can use this code instead of your Beeline PUK code and your card will be unlocked instantly.

How I Can Get A PUK Code For Beeline By Visiting The Beeline Help Center? 

To get your Beeline SIM PUK code by visiting the Beeline help center follow the steps mentioned:

  • Visit the nearest Beeline customer care office: Go to the nearest Beeline office in your area.
  • Prepare your identity proof and request form: Before going to the office, make sure that you have a passport or other valid identity proof and address proof along with you.
  • Provide mobile numbers and names: Be prepared to provide at least your three contact numbers and names to verify your identity.
  • Verification process: Hand over your identity documents to the Beeline customer care executive so they can verify your identity.
  • Receive your PUK code: if the details are matched they will provide you the Beeline PUK code to unlock your SIM card.
  • Unlock your Beeline SIM card: Now you have the PUK number of your SIM card use it to unlock your SIM card and after that, you can access the Beeline network services again.

The Beeline SIM PIN Code Is Entered Incorrectly Three Times And The SIM Card Is Blocked. What To Do?

If you have entered the PUK code Beeline wrong three times your SIM card is locked here is how you can unlock it.

  • Locate your PUK code: To unlock your SIM card you should have your Beeline SIM PUK code you can get it easily by using the above methods.
  • Unlock PIN1 command: Go to the dial pad of your device and dial **05PUK1 codenew PIN1 code*repeat new PIN1 code# and replace “PUK1 code” with your PUK1 code.

Replace “the new PIN1 code” with the new PIN1 code you want to set for your SIM card do not forget to repeat the new PIN1 code for the successful confirmation.

  • Unlock PIN2 command: Tap on the dial pad menu and dial **052PUK2 codenew PIN2 code*repeat new PIN2 code# and replace “PUK2 code” with your PUK2 code and replace “new PIN2 code” with the new PIN2 code according to your convenience after that repeat the new PIN2 code confirmation after entering the correct commands you Beeline SIM card will be unlocked. 

How Can I Retrieve My Beeline PUK Code Online?

To obtain your PUK code Beeline using the online method simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit Beeline’s Official Website: Go to the browser of your device and visit the official website of Beeline.
  • Log In to Your Account: Click on the login button and enter your username and password to successfully access your account.
  • Access the PUK Code Section: Now the real work, tap on the three-dot menu and search for the option my Beeline SIM PUK Code.
  • Retrieve PUK Code: Click on the option and you will be able to see your personal unlocking key.
  • Retrieve PUK Code: Now carefully write down your PUK code appearing on your device screen and use it to unlock your SIM card your SIM card will be unlocked and you will be able to use the network services as always. 

Is There A Charge For Unlocking My SIM With The Beeline PUK Code?

Using the Beeline SIM PUK Code is totally free and there will be no hidden charges taken from you for using it.

Do All Beeline SIM Cards Use The Same PUK Code?

Generally, the PUK code is different for each SIM card user but you can use the Beeline default SIM PIN which is 1234 and 9999 to unlock your SIM card.

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