Telesur PUK Code – The Default PIN Code For Telesur Network 

Telesur is a very famous government-owned telecommunications network that provides CDMA, GSM, UMTS, HSPA+, LTE, and internet services to its customers. The Telesur SIM card has an inbuilt personal unlocking key feature for security reasons. The SIM card gets automatically locked when a user enters the wrong PIN code more than three times. In this situation, you need a Telesur PUK code to unlock your SIM card.

When the SIM card gets PUK locked it’s a very frustrating situation because the user cannot access the telecom services due to it case you are dealing with the same situation, and looking for a solution then you are at the right place to stay with us and we will tell you the latest Telesur PIN code to unlock your SIM card.

We will also tell you the secret methods to get your PUK code Telesur, which no one is going to tell you, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

What Is The Telesur Default SIM PIN?

Telesur SIM pins are 7890 and 0000. Use them to unlock your SIM card and resolve the issue of my Telesur SIM card being locked. After using the personal unlocking key, your SIM card will be unlocked instantly.

What Is My Telesur SIM Card 8 Digit Unlock Code?

The Telesur PUK code refers to the special 8-digit code used to unlock the SIM card, in a situation where the SIM card gets locked after entering the wrong personal identification number multiple times.

How Do I Get A Telesur PUK Code By Calling Customer Care?

To obtain a PUK code Telesur using the customer care approach method, use the following steps as mentioned:

  • Dial Customer Care: In case you are calling from a non-Telesur network, dial the 474-242 toll-free number; on the other hand, if you are calling from a Telesur mobile phone, simply dial 152.
  • Select Customer Care Option: After dialing the Telesur customer care line number, your call will be connected to an IVR machine. Select the option to speak with a customer care representative from the menu options.
  • Request the PUK Code: Once you are connected with a customer care representative, politely request a PUK number Telesur from them for your SIM card. They may ask you about your account and identification details for verification simply provide them.
  • Note Down the Telesur PUK Code: Carefully write down the PUK code provided by the customer care representative.
  • Unlock Your SIM: Now enter the Telesur PUK unlock code provided by the representative person make sure that the PUK code is entered accurately before tapping the save button.
  • Reset Your Telesur SIM PIN: Your device will encourage you to make a new Telesur default SIM PIN follow the on-screen instructions to make a new personal identification number for your SIM card.
  • SIM Unlocked: After making a new PIN your SIM card will be unlocked for sure use it as always.

How To Retrieve Telesur PUK Code Online?

Follow the instructions below to get the PUK code Telesur for your SIM card.

  • Go to the Official Telesur Mobile Website: Start by opening your browser and navigate to the official website of Telesur Telecom.
  • Access the Online Complaint Form: Once you’re on the official website look for the option Customer Service” or “Support” and tap on it.
  • Fill Out the Online Complaint Form: In the customer service section locate the online complaint form and click on it to open.
  • Provide Your Credentials: Provide the required information mentioned in the complaint form to get your PUK code.
  • Submit the Form: After filling out the form, review the information and tap on the Submit” or “Send” button.
  • Wait for Confirmation: Telesur’s customer support team will review your request and after the successful verification, they will provide you the Telesur PUK code for your SIM card.
  • Receive the PUK Code Telesur: In this step carefully write the personal unlocking key provided by Telesur’s customer support team. 
  • Unlock Your SIM: Use the PUK code to unlock your SIM card and make a new SIM number for your SIM card by following the on-screen instructions and now your SIM card is unlocked successfully.

How To Get Your Telesur PUK Code Using The SIM Card Packaging Method?

To retrieve your Telesur SIM PUK code by using the welcome mail or SIM card packaging method follow these steps:

  • Locate Your SIM Card Packaging: Look for the original SIM card packaging of your Telesur SIM card.
  • Find the PUK Code: On the SIM card packaging look for the PUK code will find a Telesur SIM card 8 digit unlock code.
  • Carefully Write Down The PUK Code: In this step simply write down the personal locking key without making any kind of mistakes.
  • Use the PUK Code: Now insert the locked SIM card into your device and enter the Telesur SIM PUK Code after that your SIM card will be unlocked immediately, After unlocking your SIM card you will be promoted to make a new personal identification number follow the on-screen instructions to make a new SIM PIN after that your SIM card will be unlocked for sure.
  • Test Your SIM Card: Congratulations! Now your SIM card is unlocked successfully, test your SIM card by making a phone call and sending a message If you are able to make a phone call or send an SMS that means that your SIM card is unlocked successfully.
  • Store the PUK Code Safely: Now you have the Telesur PUK Code in your hand keep it in a safe place, You never know when you might need it again.

Can I Permanently Unlock My SIM Card With The PUK Code?

By using the default Telesur PUK Code we can unlock our SIM card permanently for free just dial the personal unlocking code and press the enter button and your SIM card will be unlocked for sure.

How To Bypass The Telesur PUK Code Option?

No, there is no method available with the help of which you can bypass the PUK lock code screen option once your SIM card is locked the only way to unlock your SIM card is to enter the correct PUK number Telesur.

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