Mobitel PUK Code – Unlock Your SIM Card Mobitel Immediately 

Mobitel Telecommunications is one of the biggest names in Sri Lanka. But in case you are facing the problem of your SIM card being locked then it is recommended by us to simply use the Mobitel PUK code provided by us to instantly unlock your SIM card. Also, you can use the methods described in the article to learn more about the Mobitel SIM PUK code unlock. 

What Is The PUK Code Mobitel?

1234, 9999, 0000, and 7890 are the Mobitel PUK codes used to unlock the SIM card, and **141# and #1001# is the Mobitel ussd code used in order to grab the SIM PUK code. You can also use the latest Mobitel customer care numbers +94 (0) 712755777, 1777, and 1717 to get the Mobitel SIM PUK code for your number.  The personal unlocking key refers to the Mobitel SIM card 8 digit unlock code used by the SIM card user to unblock the SIM card and use its services again.

How Can I Get My Mobitel PUK Code?

Simply use the below-given methods to get the Mobitel default SIM pin for your SIM card number, After using the methods you will be able to get the personal unlocking key number for your device for sure and it is also totally free and safe to use them.

  • The online process.
  • USSD code.
  • Customer Care method.
  • Using X’s platform.
  • The emailing process.

How To Get The Mobitel PUK Code Online?

Follow the simple steps to get the Mobitel PUK number using the online process method.

  • Visit the official Mobitel Website.
  • Here Login into Your Account using the details.
  • Tap on the Access PUK Code Services.
  • Now tap on the Request PUK Code.
  • Complete the necessary on-screen instructions and steps.
  • After that, your Mobitel SIM pin will be displayed on the website.

How To Use The USSD Code Method To Get The Mobitel Sim PUK Code Unlock?

Navigate towards the dial pad of your device **141# and #1001# Mobitel ussd code and press the call button Follow On-Screen Instructions and select PUK code after that choose the option Receive thePUK Code and wait until the PUK code Mobitel arrives on the screen after that simply note down the key number and use it to unblock your SIM card.

How To Get Your Mobitel PUK Code From Mobitel Customer Care?

By following the steps mentioned in the article you can easily get the Mobitel SIM PUK code using the customer care approach method.

  • Dial Mobitel Customer Care Numbers  +94 (0) 712755777 and 1717.
  • Follow the Automated Menu options.
  • Simply choose the option Speak to a Customer Care Representative.
  • Now Request Your PUK Code from the Mobitel executive.
  • Here simply Verify Your Identity.
  • After that they will provide you with Mobitel PUK code unlock for your SIM card number.

How To Get Mobitel PUK Code Using X’s Platform?

Go to now known as Twitter after that simply go to the SLTMobitel Mobitel official Twitter account After that tweet them a message demanding your SIM PUK code Mobitel in order to unlock your SIM card, soon you will be redirected to the official team and they will provide the PUK number Mobitel for your SIM card.

How To Get The Mobitel PUK Code By Emailing Method?

To use the emailing approach method to get a Mobitel SIM card 8 digit unlock code simply go to your Gmail account and compose a message with PERSONAL UNLOCKING KEY (SPACE) SIM NUMBER and send this message to official email ID from your registered email address soon you will receive an official email containing your new Mobitel PUK number.

How Many Numbers Does Mobitel PUK Have?

The personal unlocking key for Mobiltel telecom implies a Mobiltel SIM card 8 digit unlock code, this unique key is used to unlock the SIM card in the citation when the SIM card gets locked due to entering the wrong passcode.

What Is The Importance Of The Mobitel PUK Code?

The PUK code SIM lock option saves important data from being stolen and used by the other person this is an inbuilt feature provided by the company to protect the Mobitel user’s privacy.

Is The PUK Code Mobitel Written On The SIM card?

Yes, you can easily know your Mobitel SIM card 4 digit PUK code at the bottom of your SIM card, Carefully take out the SIM card from your device and look at the bottom of it here you will definitely find the Mobitel SIM PUK code.

Can A Blocked Mobitel Sim Be Unblocked?

Yes, for sure to unblock your SIM card you just have to enter the correct Mobitel default SIM PIN After that your SIM card will be unlocked instantly and you will be able to use Mobitel network services again.

Is A Mobitel PUK Code And Mobitel PAC Code The Same?

No, the PAC code is used when the user wants to switch to the other network services provider from the Mobitel network, and the PUK code Mobitel is used to unlock the SIM card which is locked by the user due to entering the wrong SIM pin more than 3 times.

Is The Mobitel PUK Code Always The Same?

PUK is a unique 8 digit key provided by the network itself to the users and it is different for each and every user.

What Happens After 10 Failed PUK Code Mobitel Attempts?

Just after the 10th round attempt SIM card will wait for permanently locked and due to that you will lose all your precious data, If you are facing this kind of situation then it is recommended by us to simply go your nearest Mobitel help center and buy a new SIM to use the Mobitel services again.

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