Entel PUK Code – Secret PIN Number For Chile Users

Entel Telecommunications is the second-largest telecom service provider network in Chile. The company also provides its services in Latin America and the Caribbean. Still, nowadays, users of the Entel SIM card are facing the problem of their SIM card being locked. If you are also facing the same problem, then you are in the right place to stay with us. We will give you the updated Entel PUK code. After using that, you will be able to unlock your SIM card for sure, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started on the main article.

What Is My Entel PUK Code?

1234 and 12345678 are the Entel default SIM PINs used to unblock the SIM card immediately. If you are an Entel user, then you can also use the last 4 to 8 digits of your SIM card number as a personal unlocking key to unlock your SIM card.

How Do I Get My Entel PUK Code Using The Customer Care Method?

To get your Entel SIM PUK code using the customer care method, follow the steps mentioned below in the article:

  • Locate your Entel Customer Care Number: In the first step, you should identify the correct Entel customer care number according to your location. You can use the table below for that purpose.
Serial NumberCountryNumbers 
1Argentina+54 9 3487 5700
2Bolivia+591 2 270 6666
3Chile+56 2 2312 2222
4Colombia+57 1 634 3333
5Ecuador+593 2 2400 333
6Paraguay+595 21 305 3000
7Peru+51 1 612 2222
  • Dial the Customer Service Number: Now that you have the correct number, simply dial the number and press the call button.
  • Follow the Automated Prompts: Now your call will be connected to the automated voice system Listen to the voice carefully and select the option to talk with the customer care representative.
  • Speak to a Customer Service Representative: After selecting the option, your call will be connected to the executive. Explain to them your situation: your SIM card is locked, and now you need a PUK code Entel to unlock your SIM card again.
  • Verification: A customer care representative may ask you for some documents for the verification process and simply provide the information to complete the process successfully.
  • Note Down the PUK Code: Once the process is done, the representative person will provide you with the Entel PUK number for your SIM card. Make sure to note it down and use it to unlock your SIM card. After that, your SIM card will be unlocked in seconds.

What Is The Purpose Of The Entel Sim PUK Code?

The primary function of the Entel SIM card 8 digit unlock code is to protect your data in case your SIM card or phone is lost or stolen. The PUK lock code option helps against unauthorized use of SIM cards.

Why Do I Need An Entel PUK Number?

The Entel SIM card gets locked due to entering the wrong Entel default SIM PIN more than three times in a row. After that, to use the telecom services again and overcome the situation, you need a PUK code. 

How To Get The Entel PUK Code Online?

Visit the official website of Entel Telecom and tap on the MiEntel option. Now fill in the required information to log in to your account and navigate to the profile option. option After that, click on the option of my Entel SIM card 8 digit unlock code, and your PUK code will be displayed on your device screen. Write down the PUK code on paper and insert the locked SIM card into your device. Carefully enter the personal unlocking number when prompted, and your SIM card will be unlocked immediately.

Get Your Entel PUK Code Using The SIM Card Packaging Method

To use the offline SIM card packaging method, you should have the SIM card packaging of your mobile number, flip it, and look at the bottom of it. Here you will find an Entel PUK unlock code for free. Remember this code or write it down. After that, use this special code to unlock your SIM card instead of a PUK code, and your SIM card will be unblocked instantly. After that, you will be able to use the Entel network services again as usual.

What If I’ve Forgotten Both My Entel PIN And Entel PUK Codes?

In case you have forgotten your personal unlocking number and personal identification number, it is advised that our team of experts visit your nearest Intel Service Center along with your documents, explain the situation to the executive person, and after that, they will provide you with the Entel SIM PUK code for your SIM card number.

Can I Generate A New Entel PUK Code Online?

No, it is not possible to generate a personal locking key with the online method; you can only retrieve your Entel PUK code with the help of the online method.

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