Viva PUK Code – The Default SIM PIN Code/ Network Unlock Code 

Are you a Viva network user and searching on the internet for how to unlock your PUK-locked SIM card? Don’t go anywhere here is the solution use this code and your SIM card will be unlocked for sure. Use the 1234 Viva PUK Code to instantly unlock your SIM card, after typing this code and pressing the enter button you will be able to access the SIM card features as usual.

What Is The Viva Default SIM PIN?

The personal unlocking key refers to a Viva SIM card 8 digit unlock code used to lock and unlock the SIM card 1234 is the Viva PUK Code used to unblock the SIM card, which is locked due to entering the wrong personal identification number by the SIM card user.

How To Get The Viva PUK Code Online?

Follow these steps to get your PUK code viva online:

  • Navigate to the browser of your device and visit the webpage of Viva Telecom.
  • Search for the option “Live Chat” or something similar.
  • Now your chat will be started with the representative person tell them your SIM card is locked and you need a personal unlocking key.
  • They will ask some questions from you for verification and answer them all.
  • After your identity is confirmed customer support representative will provide you with the Viva SIM PUK code.
  • Carefully note down the Viva PUK number provided by them.
  • Now insert the SIM card into your device and enter the PUK code received from the customer support representative when prompted.
  • After entering the PUK code, simply make a new Viva default SIM pin; after that, your SIM card will be unlocked with the new PIN you set.

How To Find The Viva PUK Code Through Helpline Number?

Follow the step-by-step process to get your PUK code Viva using the helpline approach method.

  • Dial the Viva Customer Care Helpline Number: Tap on the dial pad icon of your device and call +40 21 539 8482 or +4021 539 55 55.
  • Listen to the Automated Menu: Now listen to the automated menu carefully and choose the option get my personal unlocking code.
  • Speak to a Customer Service Representative: After selecting the option your call will be connected to the customer care representative. Tell the executive person that your SIM card is PUK locked and you need the PUK number for your SIM card number.
  • Write Down the PUK Code: Note down the PUK code provided by the customer service representative or automated system make sure to write it down accurately.
  • Unlock Your SIM Card: Now you have the PUK code in hand use it to unlock your SIM and after the reset your Viva SIM PIN once the process is done you will get access to your SIM card again.

Email Method To Get Your Viva PUK Code,, and are the official Viva telecom email addresses. Compose a message with a brief explanation of why you need the PUK code add some of your valid documents with the message and send it to the above email address, soon you will receive an email from the official team containing your new PUK code viva.

How To Get Viva PUK Code Using The SIM Card Packaging Technique?

Flip your SIM card and at the bottom of it you will find a Viva SIM card 8 digit unlock code this is a special code and can be used to unlock your SIM card instantly, if this method does not work properly it is recommended to use the above methods.

Why Do I Need Viva PUK Code It? 

If your SIM card is PUK locked due to multiple incorrect PIN code entries, you need the Viva SIM PUK code to regain SIM access.

Is There A Limit To How Many Times I Can Enter The Viva PUK Code Incorrectly?

Yes, you can only enter the wrong Viva SIM PIN three times; after that, your SIM card will be temporarily locked. If you enter the wrong Viva default SIM PIN, after the 10th wrong attempt, your SIM card will be permanently locked, and you will lose your SIM card number.

Will Unlocking My SIM With The Viva PUK Code Affect My Phone’s Data?

No, if you are using the PUK code Viva, then it will not affect your phone’s data. The personal unlocking key is used to lock and unlock your SIM card.

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