MTS PUK Code – Instantly Unlock Your MTS SIM Card | Get Your Personal Unlocking Key For The MTS Network 

If you are an MTS user and are facing the problem of your SIM card being locked, then you are on the right page. We will give you the MTS PUK code, and with it, you will be able to unlock your SIM card super easily. Mobile TeleSystems or we can say (MTS) is one of the best telecom service providers in Canada, Armenia, Belarus, India, and Turkmenistan. Also, if you are facing any kind of difficulty in getting your MTS PIN code, we will solve this problem by providing different methods, so let’s move toward the solution without wasting your time.

What Is PUK Code MTS?

PUK 1234567890, 7890,1234, 0000, and 9999 are the MTS PUK codes, and *100# is the unique MTS USSD code used in order to grab the MTS SIM pin. You can also dial the 111, 155, and 0890 MTS customer service numbers to get your MTS SIM PUK code. 

SIM PUK code MTS simply refers to the MTS SIM card 8 digit unlock code used to unlock the SIM card in the situation when the SIM card gets locked by the users due to entering the wrong MTS PUK number more than 3 times by mistake.

How To Get My MTS PUK Code?

You can use the below provided method to get your  MTS PUK unlock code free It is guaranteed that all methods are working and have already been tested by our team of experts.

  • Customer Care strategy technique.
  • Via using the SMS method.
  • Using Online Support.
  • Use the USSD code method.
  • Email technique.
  • Using the offline trick.
  • X’s medium of approach.

How To Use The Call MTS Customer Support Technique To Get The MTS PUK Code?

Before using the customer care approach method you should have knowledge of different phone numbers of MTS service, Kindly look at the below table to know about that.

  • If you are calling from the MTS mobile number and the countries Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, or in Europe simply use the below table:
Country Number 
Belarus 0890890
  • If you are calling from the network or landline simply use the following table:
Country Number 
Belarus+375 29 777 08 90 or 8 017 237-98-98
Turkmenistan(99312) 42 52 05
Armenia093 297111

Use the steps mentioned in the article to get the PUK code MTS for your SIM card number.

  • Move to the dial pad of your device.
  • The next step is to choose & dial the correct number mentioned in the above table.
  • Wait here until the call gets connected.
  • Now they will ask for your 8 to 15 digits SIM numbers.
  • After that, they ask you a few questions for verification purposes.
  • Simply provide this information to the MTS executive.
  • After the verification is done they will provide you the MTS PUK number for your SIM card.
  • You can use this number to unblock your SIM card, 
  • After that, your SIM card will be unlocked for sure.

How Can I Get The MTS PUK Code Via The SMS Method?

Follow the process in order to use the SMS technique for getting the MTS default SIM PIN for your SIM card.

  • To use the SMS method you should have a different MTS phone.
  • Move towards the SMS application on your device.
  • Here type “PUK” and your MTS phone number for which you need the personal unlocking key.
  • Now send this message to the MTS customer support.
  • Soon you will receive a message, open it and you will find the MTS SIM PUK code in it.
  • Simply use this personal unlock code to unlock your MTS SIM card and use its services again as normal.

How To Use The Online Support Method To Get The MTS PUK Code?

Online method: 1 – Navigate to the browser of your device and go to the official MTS website Now tap on the option of Live Chat and after that, you will be redirected to the MTS service chat. Simply tell them you need the MTS SIM card 8 digit unlock code for your SIM card and they will provide it for you.

Online method: 2 – Move towards the browser application on your device and now go to the official MTS web page. Now tap on the login button, Here simply enter your registered email ID and password to log in. After that click on the three-dot menu and click on the option to get SIM PUK code mts. Now wait for a while and after that, your MTS SIM PIN will be displayed on your screen note it down and use it where the personal unlocking key lock option has arrived, and within a minute your SIM card will be unlocked.

How To Get The MTS PUK Code Using The USSD Code Method?

To get the MTS default SIM PIN using the USSD code technique use the steps as follows:

  • Go to the dial pad of your device.
  • Here simply press *100# MTS USSD code.
  • Now tap on the call button.
  • Wait for a while until the menu option arrives.
  • Now choose the option to get my Telus SIM PIN code.
  • Here simply wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, your personal unlocking key will arrive on your device screen.
  • Use this MTS SIM PIN to unlock your MTS SIM card and use the telecom services again.

How To Get The MTS PUK Code Using The Email Technique? is the MTS official email ID, login in to your gmail account and tap on the compose button. Here create a message HELP(PUK)15 Digit SIM Number and send this message to the above given email ID with your valid proof. Within a second, you will receive an official email from MTS support containing your new PUK code MTS. This is your official code and it can be used to unlock the MTS SIM card.

How Do You Use The Offline Trick To Get The MTS PUK Code?

Take out your MTS SIM card from your mobile device and look at the bottom of it Here you will find an MTS SIM card 8 digit unlock code, This is a special and unique code and it can be used instead of a PUK code to unlock your SIM card.
NOTE: If your SIM card is showing the error code for MTS while entering the MTS SIM pin, simply restart your device and use the key again for the successful procedure.

How Do I Use X’s Approach To Get The MTS PUK Code?

Gp to formerly known as (Twitter). Here search for the MTS India (@MTS_India) / X. MTS official Twitter account and tweet them with a message in which you are asking about your MTS SIM PUK code. Soon the official MTS team will connect to you and provide the MTS PUK unlock code free for your SIM card number.

What Is The Purpose Of Using The MTS PUK Code?

The MTS PUK number is used to unlock the MTS SIM card, After entering the MTS SIM PIN more than three times the MTS SIM card gets locked due to privacy and security issues. After that the MTS SIM card will be locked and the user will not be able to use the MTS telecom services again, If you want to overcome the situation then you have to use the correct SIM PUK code MTS.

What Happens If I Don’t Have My MTS SIM Card Packaging?

if you do not have the SIM card packaging of your MTS SIM card number then it is recommended that simply go to your nearest MTS center with the valid proofs After that their executives will unlock your SIM card.

Can I Get The MTS PUK Code Without Contacting Customer Support?

Yes, sure you can use the different methods provided in the articles to get your MTS PUK number for your SIM card, All the methods provided by us are 100 percent working at totally safe for you “so” don’t hesitate to use them now.

Is The MTS PUK Code Is Same For All Users?

PUK number MTS can be the same but mostly it is different for each and every single user of its network, which means you will not be able to unlock your SIM card using someone else PUK code.

Can I Bypass The MTS PUK Unlock Code Option?

No, Your SIM card gets locked due to entering the wrong MTS PIN code That means MTS officials are thinking that someone else is trying to use their network services. In that case, you have to verify yourself by entering the correct PUK code This process will send a message to the official that you are the one who is owner of the SIM card after that you will be allowed to use the MTS services “again”.

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