Movistar PUK Code – How To Recover Personal Unlocking Key For Movistar Network 

Are you a Movistar network user facing the problem of your SIM card being locked? If you don’t know how to unlock it, stay with us, and we will provide you with the latest Movistar PUK code to unlock your SIM card and resolve this situation. We will also guide you on how to obtain the Movistar Codigo PUK SIM for your number, so without wasting time, let’s get started now.

What Is A Movistar PUK Code?

1234 and 0000 are the Movistar SIM PUK codes used by users to unlock the SIM card and regain access to network services. You can also dial +34 902 001 84, +34 902 110 099, and +34 912 663 517, the Movistar Spain customer service numbers, to obtain your PUK code for your Movistar phone. The Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) simply refers to the 8-digit unlock code used to unlock a Movistar SIM card when it is locked due to the user entering the wrong PIN code more than three times.

How Can I Find My Movistar PUK Code?

You can use the methods mentioned in the article below to get the Movistar PUK number; all the methods are working and free to use.

  • Using the Movistar application
  • Customer Care approach.
  • via an online process.
  • Using the SMS method.
  • From another phone

Movistar PUK Code By Movistar Application.

First Download the Movistar app and log in using your mobile number and PIN or password for your Movistar account. Now Find the PUK Service section and now navigate towards the Request PUK Code option and tap on it You will be asked to confirm your identity by answering security questions or providing some personal information After completing the process, you will be able to see your Mi Movistar código PUK for your SIM card.

How To Get Movistar PUK Number By Customer Care Approach?

Follow the instructions to get your SIM PUK code Movistar using the customer care technique.

  • Go to the dial pad of your device and call the Movistar Customer Care numbers: +3 490 020 0184, +3 490 110 0099, and +3 491 266 3517.
  • Prepare Your Information before calling customer care, like:

Your mobile phone number.

Your information, including your name and account details.

Any security information or answers to security questions associated with your account.

  • Call Customer Care and Request Your PUK Code from the executives.
  • Verify Your Identity for a successful process.
  • Receive and Record the PUK Code provided by the executive person.
  • Use this PIN y PUK Movistar to unblock your SIM card and use its services again.

How To Get Movistar PUK Code Using The Online Process?

To use the online technique and get the Movistar SIM pin, simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the Mi Movistar webpage.
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Go to the main menu section.
  • Tap on PUK/IMEI to view your PUK code.
  • Remember the PUK code displayed on the device’s screen.
  • Use this key to unlock your SIM.

How To Get The Movistar PUK Code By SMS Method?

Open the messaging application on another device and create a message with ‘PUK.’ Send this SMS to 1044, and you will receive a message containing your new Código PIN Movistar.

How Do I Get Movistar PUK Code From Another Phone?

Use the steps below to get your Movistar PUK unlock code free using another device.

  • Click on the browser on another device.
  • Now go to the official Movistar page.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and verify your documents.
  • After that, you will get your Movistar Codigo PUK SIM.

Movistar PUK Code Vs Pin Code

  • Movistar SIM PIN: This is used to reset the Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) for the Movistar SIM card. With its help, we can create a new key for our SIM card number.
  • Movistar PUK code: This is used to unlock the SIM card when it gets locked due to entering the wrong Código PUK Movistar.

Is It Possible To Unlock A Blocked SIM Card Without A PUK Code Movistar?

No, it’s not possible to unlock the SIM card without using the personal unlocking key Once your SIM card is locked, the only way to unlock is to enter the correct PIN y PUK Movistar.

What If I Can’t Find My Movistar PUK Code?

In case you are unable to obtain your Código PIN Movistar, simply go to your nearest Movistar help center with your documents and inform them that you need a Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) for your SIM number. After verifying your valid proof, they will provide you with the Movistar PUK unlock.

Can I Use Some Other Person’s PUK Code Movistar?

No, you cannot use some other person’s personal unlocking key in order to unlock your personal SIM card it can lead to the problem of your SIM card being permanently locked.

What Happens After Entering Movistar PUK Code?

By entering the correct PUK code, the user verifies themselves to Movistar Telecommunications, and as a result, they can continue using the network services.

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