How to Unlock SIM With Jazz PUK Code

The PUK code for Jazz SIM is an eight-digit number used to unlock the SIM card. In case your Jazz SIM card is locked then simply use the 99999999 Jazz PUK Code to unlock your SIM card instantly. Jazz SIM card gets locked due to entering the wrong SIM PIN more than three times in a row. After entering the correct key, you can unlock your SIM card to restore network services as usual.

What Is Jazz PUK Code?

If you haven’t set your PUK code yet, then your Jazz default PUK code is 99999999 (Eight times nine), your PUK2 code is 56789123, and your PIN 2 code is 1234. 

To unlock your SIM card you can also use a different Jazz SIM PUK code by dialing nine eight times, followed by pressing 0000 (four zeros) four times, and then repeat the process once more. After that, press the OK button, and your SIM card will be successfully unlocked.

How To Get PUK Code For Jazz SIM From Helpline?

If your SIM card is locked and the Jazz default PUK code isn’t working. Then utilize the method of calling customer care to obtain the code.

  • Dial 111 from another Jazz SIM then press 0 to connect with a customer care representative.
  • Dial 111300300 if you are using a landline or another mobile network.
  • Once the call is connected, inform the representative that your SIM card is locked and you require a PUK code to unlock it. 
  • The Customer Care agent may ask for your name, mother’s name, address, etc., along with the SIM number for verification purposes. Provide all the information to complete the process.
  • Once the SIM owner verification is completed, the Jazz customer care representative will provide you with the Jazz PUK code for your SIM number.

Note: If you are calling from Lahore, Islamabad, or Rawalpindi then add +92 or 0 before dialing the Jazz customer care number.

How Can I Find My Jazz PUK Code?

If you have the SIM card holder that you received when purchasing the new SIM card, simply flip it over. At the corner of the SIM card holder, you will see a secret SIM PUK code unlock jazz number. Use this code as your Personal Unlocking Key and follow the on-screen instructions appearing on your device screen. Once the process is complete, your SIM card will be unlocked immediately.

What are the Common Reasons For Needing A Jazz PUK Code?

Below in the article, we have provided you with some of the common reasons for needing a jazz SIM PUK code unlock.

  • Misplacing or loss of SIM card information: If you’ve lost or misplaced your SIM card information for Jazz, you’ll need a PUK code to unlock it. You can contact Jazz customer support or visit their website to retrieve your PUK code. 
  • Entering Incorrect PIN Codes Multiple Times: In case you have entered the wrong PIN more than three times in a row then your SIM card will lock automatically to save your data. In this case, you also need a PUK code for Jazz SIM to unlock your SIM card.
  • SIM Card Activation Issues: If you have purchased a new Jazz SIM card then to unlock the SIM card and use the telecom services you will need a PUK code jazz.

How Many Attempts Do I Have To Enter The PUK Code Before The Jazz SIM Gets Locked?

If you enter the wrong SIM Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) more than three times, your Jazz SIM card will get locked. After this happens, you typically have 10 attempts to enter the correct PUK. If you fail to enter the correct PUK within these 10 attempts, your SIM card will be permanently locked.

What Is The Default Jazz SIM PUK Code?

99999999 is the default jazz PUK code solution, Simply dial this code and press the OK on the confirmation button and your SIM card will be unlocked in a second.

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